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With over twenty years of field experience as a licensed and insured private investigator in Los Angeles, Ken Childs and his team of expert private detectives continually provide residents throughout Orange and Ventura counties with the precise, attentive and professional service they require. While competing LA-based private investigators undertake cases as a hobby, or employ suboptimal techniques to draw out investigations to line their pockets, Paramount Investigative Services immediately sets forth with the utmost attention to detail and around-the-clock attention to ensure your case receives precisely the resolution or evidence you require. With our primary office located in downtown Los Angeles, a short drive away from both Ventura and Orange counties, Paramount Investigative Services outstrips comparable detectives with our impeccable, expeditious results.

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Conveniently Located in the Heart of Los Angeles

Located around the corner from Pershing Square, our main office in Downtown LA offers residents throughout greater Los Angeles straightforward access to our services. While competing investigators may require a complex set of directions to reach a questionably-located office, Paramount Investigative Services’ primary location ensures residents throughout Los Angeles, Orange County and beyond arrive at their consultation expeditiously, and without the stressful task of extensively navigating the oppressive Los Angeles traffic.

Private Investigation Services for Greater Los Angeles Residents

Discovering a professional, licensed and insured private investigator near you with an extensive resume of satisfied clients and successful trials can prove difficult without guidance or a direct referral. Having earned an exemplary reputation across various platforms from our personable, expeditious and cost-effective services, Paramount Investigative Services continually arises as the premier private investigator throughout our service locations. Whether you’re an attorney in Orange County seeking an experienced investigator to assist in a difficult case, or a resident of Ventura County who suspects their spouse is cheating on them, Paramount Investigative Services employs the latest in surveillance technology in conjunction with our tried-and-true field tactics to ensure you receive precisely the results you require with incomparable professionalism.

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Whether in town for a Dodgers game, or exploring the fashion district, Paramount Investigative Services’ convenient location in Downtown Los Angeles seamlessly fits within any weekend or afternoon trip into the city for residents throughout surrounding counties. While the prospect of consulting with a private investigator may prove daunting, Paramount Investigative Services’ kind, personal and attentive service ensures the utmost comfort and confidence of our prospective and current clients. Give us a call to inquire further about our available services, or to schedule a consultation at your earliest convenience.