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Austin Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance in Austin by Paramount Investigative Services

Austinites can rest assured that with 20 years of experience, Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. can deliver completely discreet, professional, and undetected surveillance. Our team uses the latest in technology, including DJI Mavic Pro Drones, GPS trackers, and ultra hi-def hidden cameras to deliver crystal clear photographic and video evidence on every case.

Whatever your surveillance needs, Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. has your solution. Whereas smaller, inexperienced Private Investigation firms will waste precious time putting your case in que, Paramount’s Austin office is large enough to start your case immediately and devote the attention and resources you deserve. Every wasted hour is opportunity missed, and our team of experienced team of veteran Investigators are ready to work for you. Our team is comprised of seasoned industry veterans, including many former police and law enforcement officials, so we are well versed in the Texas Rules of Evidence. You can count on all Paramount-delivered evidentiary materials to stand the test of the courtroom.

In the private arena, our team specializes in surveillance evidence for divorce, child custody and criminal defense cases. We’ve been hired to investigate the background of boyfriends and girlfriends before moving in together or tying the knot. For business, we are experienced in gathering evidence to be used when fighting workers’ compensation or personal injury fraud. There are innumerable circumstances when quality surveillance can provide answers, and the Paramount team has seen and successfully handled them all.

So, can you afford to hire a surveillance expert? The truth is you can’t afford not to. The value is in the results.

One insurance company saved $26 million on a personal injury case. Paramount’s team jumped on the case and within 24 hours was able to deliver indisputable footage proving that the claimant was a fraud.

An attorney came to Paramount, frustrated and at their wit’s end after two other PI firms failed to produce evidence for a client’s workers’ comp case. It was clear to the experienced Paramount team where the others had gone wrong. Our team handled the job quickly, taking extra precautions to blend and conduct surveillance without alerting key persons who had been previously tipped off at the subject’s apartment complex. The attorney’s client saved $2.1 million in the end, and it couldn’t have been done with Paramount’s experienced team.

These are just two of countless satisfied customers. Five-star ratings on Yelp!, Google and Facebook are a testament to the quality and value of Paramount’s services.

Our professional team will protect your business, family, and life like they are our own.

For a free consultation, call Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. at 877-456-7726.