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Process Service in Austin by Paramount Investigative Services

Service of process is one of the most important yet difficult arms of the justice procedure in the Texas. When the fate of a case hinges on someone turning up to court, there is no time to waste. Trust the Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. team to save you and your client’s time and resources and ensure that justice is served.

Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. has more than 20 years of experience navigating the seedy underbelly of large cities which harbor evasive individuals. Our investigative team has an established network of trusted informants who assist our team through all areas of Austin, including Montopolis, Saint Johns, East Congress and MLK-Highway 183. Our invest has bi-lingual members, and work with international teams in Mexico, so we are able to trace and track individuals regardless of how far south they have fled.

The unfortunate truth is that sheriffs, constables, and local police just don’t have the resources to dig deep to find individuals in hiding. Though law enforcement is a low-cost option for bringing an individual to court, they just aren’t effective. Officials will attempt to visit known residential or workplace addresses, but failing those, a difficult service of process will often come to a dead halt. With networks of criminals and undocumented citizens adept at navigating the world undetected, those who don’t want to be found in Austin have no shortage of means to evade discovery. In doing so, they evade the courts and potentially – justice.

It isn’t always those a party to Austin’s low-income neighborhoods and criminal underbelly who slip out of reach from service of process. The elite have the means to evaporate into thin air as well, and the more they stand to lose in the case, the more difficult they will be to find. The Paramount team is no stranger to difficult and dangerous locates. We have the resources to uncover fake identities, and the digital footprints that are not so easily erased. Our armed tactical team has the resources and experience to find anybody.

Time is not on your side if you are already coming up against a difficult to find individual. If you need service of process, you need it now. Don’t delay, call Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. at 877-456-7726.