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We’ve all heard the radio and television ads urging people to call to “fight for their check” in a personal injury case. But when there hasn’t been a legitimate injury, business owners or targeted individuals are often tasked with proving that the claimant is providing false evidence. This can become cumbersome and tricky, especially when experienced fraudsters utilize a network of dishonest professionals to back their claims.

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Personal Injury in Austin by Paramount Investigative Services

Many Texans are unaware that they can be held personally liable for personal injury suits beyond what their insurance policies will pay out. That’s right – those infamous radio-ad checks could be coming straight from your own bank account to a dishonest individual. Luckily, there is hope for Austinites facing fraudulent claims. The experts at Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. have recently expanded their offices to Austin, Texas and we specialize in aiding personal injury case defense.

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Surveillance video can save you millions!

There is one tried and true method of beating a fraudulent personal injury case: video and photographic evidence to the contrary. The Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. team has the resources and skilled team members to deliver just that. For more than 25 years, we have helped thousands of business owners and individuals fight back when they are victimized by false personal injury claims. We have successfully spotted slip-and-fall “victims” tossing aside canes and walkers as soon as they think they’re out of sight, and we have even proven documented pre-existing injuries that were added to pad an auto accident claim.

If you’re being subjected to a personal injury claim, you need a trusted partner to get you indisputable evidence. The Paramount team uses the latest technology to ensure that our photo and video evidence is crystal clear and of the highest possible quality. Our investigative team, which includes many former law enforcement officials, is highly skilled at obtaining media that follows the Texas Rules of Evidence.

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The Paramount team uses DJI Mavic Pro Drones, GPS trackers, ultra hi-def hidden cameras and all of the latest technology to ensure that our surveillance operations are conducted in complete secrecy. We are the “flies on the wall” that fraudulent claimants never see coming. We will arm you with the evidence you need, and the claimant will be completely blindsided. This gives you a considerable edge in court. Countless clients of ours have saved thousands and millions of dollars when our evidence is presented before a judge.

We have unfortunately seen many others choose less experienced investigative teams, thinking they are saving a few hundred bucks. Nearly every time, this critical mistake ends up costing that individual many times over, even driving them to bankruptcy in some cases. If you are being sued in a personal injury case, you stand to lose everything without a proper defense.

Call Paramount Investigative Services, Inc. today to ensure you have the most capable team working on your behalf. Your family’s financial future depends on you making the right choice. Call Paramount today at 877-749-7778.