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The Los Angeles area hosts a massive quantity of private detectives and private investigators. However, selecting the right investigator for your needs remains a difficult task. Many prospective clients are concerned with a variety of factors: cost, professionalism, and discreetness. Comparable LA private investigators often enter the field as a hobby, or second line of work. However, Ken Childs and his team of expert private investigators at Paramount Investigative Services boast decades of professional experience with private investigation as a career. Licensed and insured, and boasting an extensive resume with successful cases highlighted on shows such as Access Hollywood, The Dr. Phil Show, Buzzfeed and more, Ken Childs and Paramount Investigative Services have cemented their status as Los Angeles's premier private investigatory firm. Committed to the absolute satisfaction of our clients, Paramount Investigative Services surpasses comparable private investigators with our keen attention to detail, utilization of advanced technology, and steadfast determination in obtaining precisely your desired result. Don't waste your time with hobbyist detectives - hire the professional investigators at Paramount Investigative Services today!

At Paramount Investigative Services, we understand the stigma associated with hiring a private investigator - often, it can be embarrassing or upsetting to speak with a private investigator regarding a suspected cheating spouse. We strive to streamline and simplify the process of hiring our services for our clients, as we understand the stressful nature of these cases. Conveniently located in Los Angeles and serving surrounding neighborhoods throughout Southern California, Paramount Investigative Services offers prospective clients a seat in our office for a confidential consultation, or a phone call at your earliest convenience. Don't let your case's stress prevent you from receiving the peace of mind you deserve - call Paramount Investigative Services today at 877-456-7726 to either schedule a consultation, or hire our services via phone. Straightforward and simple, hiring a private investigator is as simple as an email or phone call.

A common misconception with prospective clients, the difference between a private investigator and police detective is significant, and directly impacts the capabilities both services are capable of offering. Private detectives, when licensed and insured, often have access to proprietary databases and other forms of information exclusive to law enforcement - meaning, in certain scenarios, both private investigators and law enforcement have access to the same information. However, due to legal constraints, a police detective will not perform non-criminal investigations - such as civil litigation, civil fraud, locates, or marital infidelity. Ideal for law firms, corporations, and LA residents alike, a private investigator will carry out the necessary investigation for as long as it takes to acquire the information you desire on a suspected case. Private investigators additionally work tirelessly through all hours of the day, every day of the week to acquire the necessary information - an attribute not shared by state employees.

With Service of Process, hiring the Sheriff's department or a process server can result in detrimental consequences, such as scaring your subject into hiding. The aforementioned services, while cheap, unfortunately lack the subtlety or thoroughness or a private investigator. Often, the approach of these individuals is to attempt to serve the documents head-on, which results in the reclusion and defensiveness of your subject, who may even become shielded by their family or friends who have now become alert to the presence of an attempted service of process. Paramount Investigative Services carefully scours your subject's habits and lifestyle to ensure a faultless service of process - expediting your case and ensuring you receive the swift restitution you deserve. Don't settle for amateur and apathetic services that could cost you thousands - hire Paramount Investigative Services to handle your difficult service of process cases.

Assume you've won the lottery, and decided to purchase yourself an expensive, luxury sportscar with the entirety of the winnings. As you get behind the wheel, you realize you haven't purchased insurance for this vehicle. Is it worth spending the small amount of additional cost to protect a significantly larger investment? Chances are, you've answered yes - hiring a reputable, experienced, licensed and insured private investigator ensures you receive the unimpeachable information required for your peace of mind, which may be invaluable, or for your court case that could result in a significant quantity of financial compensation. With varying rates and costs depending on the complexity and length of your case, Paramount Investigative Services' rates are flexible. Some cases may prove surprisingly affordable, while others may extend into higher sums. However, with fraudulent personal injury claims resulting in millions of dollars in compensation, companies and individuals wishing to protect their financial stability will find the comparatively insignificant cost of a private investigator well worth the investment.

Paramount Investigative Services does provide a "Level One" locate service, with rates between $150 and $350, for Los Angeles residents seeking the database-driven location of an individual throughout the region.

Private investigator jobs remain a sought-after position for residents throughout Los Angeles. With an ever-expanding team of expert private investigators assuming high-priority cases throughout LA, Paramount Investigative Services proudly offers a variety of positions available for aspiring private detectives. Chances are, there's a demand for a private investigator near you - learn the skills necessary to enter the private investigator market with confidence under the direction of Ken Childs. To learn more about Paramount Investigative Services' private investigator jobs, visit our career opportunities page, or give us a call to speak with a team member about available positions within Paramount Investigative Services today!

Paramount Investigative Services offers a variety of services - far outstripping the limited scope of comparable private investigatory services. Our extensive team allows for increased manpower in the field, and the utilization of advanced technology to swiftly acquire incontestable evidence for the resolution of your case. Primarily renowned for our surveillance services, yet experienced in a variety of different fields as well, Paramount Investigative Services confidently tackles whatever task you require with professionalism and steadfast composure. Some of our services include:

...and more! Give us a call to discuss the intricacies or your predicament, and we will strive to pursue your case with the attentiveness and commitment you deserve. With our acquired evidence resulting in numerous convictions and withstanding the rigorous examination in the court of law, Paramount Investigative Services proudly stands behind our clients if and when their case goes to court. While comparable private investigators throughout Los Angeles are rarely around to testify years later when your case may require testimony, Paramount Investigative Services remains in close contact with our clients to ensure their long-term satisfaction with our services.

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