Difficult Service of Process

You’ve made your demands, you’ve filed the court case, and now the sheriff or the cheap process server has scared your subject into hiding. Great… Sadly I know what your thinking. Now what? How can we get this served? You’re in luck. We deal with a many evasive or difficult serves. In fact, it’s grown to become one of the staples of our business. With that said, these evasive serves can begin to add up. In order to keep costs down we need all the information you have. If you have their personal info, family members or places they like to frequent or hang out. Examples are, work, the gym, bars or restaurants or if you know they will be at a certain place at a certain time. Luckily for you we are very flexible and very aggressive.

Once we’re armed with all of the knowledge you have, we can take that information and build on it. We will search our databases and scour the internet for more info. Once those sources are exhausted, we’ll take to the field.

When serving persons who are evading or hiding, the investigator must be savvy. We need to set up in a location we believe the subject could be. Once on location, we run licensed plates and see if there is anything new we could uncover. If we’re really lucky we can locate a car and observe the subject enter the car. At that point we will approach them and serve them. Most of the time we are able to get away with documenting these serves on camera or our cell phones. 8 out of 10 these persons will not claim they we improperly served when they see they are being filmed or when the the situation has been documented via cell phone pictures. (But then again, this is California and nothing is bullet proof.)

The two harder persons to serve are the wealthy and the low income. The wealthy are difficult because they don’t exactly have to rush off to work or they could be out of town jet setting. And sadly, we’d never know until we make a few attempts. The low income persons are difficult for other reasons. Chances are they haven’t been living completely “above board.” They could be running scams, they could be hiding from social services or the law. It could simply be a cultural issue and they just don’t come to the door. Again, we never know until we get started.

All of these difficult serves can be boiled down to three things: Be in the right place, at the right time, and get it done! Once served, we will file a proof of service with the local court house and get you a conformed copy. Unless it’s a rush then we will require a larger fee and perform the filing that day to get you copies that night.

Restraining orders are a little different. We charge a premium because there is usually a clear reason as to why they are being served with the restraining order. Chances are they are violent or they don’t play well with others. Again, we’ll take their information and put our selves in the best place possible. Once served, we fill in a proof and file it with the courthouse. We then take three conformed copies and get them to the appropriate persons; two copies for you (one for your purse and the other for your car) and the third copy goes to the local law enforcement office.