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Background checks:

“Level One” Background checks are done in two ways and cost vary significantly.  The first option is to track things down online.  Utilizing special database services that law enforcement uses plus digging up social media accounts, and other online services.  This is your typical background check today and they start at 225 and work their way up.  Sadly, verifying the information all depends on “man hours.”  Man hours is the amount of time it takes for an investigator to pull the information in person; court documents and the like.
“Level Two” this is the second most utilized service.  We start with a level one and then take it to the next level.  We send investigators to the local court houses and “pull” the files.  Sadly, you can not rely on many online services.  (Online services are fairly reliable however, you never know how often the records are entered or updated.)  The only way to know the actual information is to get your hands on the files themselves.  Besides, there is a lot of information in those files that you wouldn’t be able to locate online; in criminal cases, you would be able to find possible accomplices’, some information on the trail, and the actual results of the trial.  Divorces often spill all the dirt in the divorce declarations. Police call records to an address can often times tell you how often the police are called and what for!  Though some police departments aren’t helpful (LAPD!), others are.  I’ve been able to locate witnesses to crimes, witnesses of child abuse and auto accidents. The cost of these types of backgrounds vary and start at 1,200-1,400 dollars.  This would include the level one plus the collection of most court cases and all of the information will be compiled into a detailed report.
Records that we will not get are; medical records and phone records.  So please don’t ask as they are against the law.
“Trash Runs” these are performed often with Child Custody cases and other law suits.  You never know what you’ll find.  Once we found typed death threat where the claimant was going to kill his supervisor and two coworkers AND THEN SIGNED IT.  Needless to say, the case was quickly resolved via law enforcement.  We typically find important documents and drug paraphernalia.  One’s trash is an investigators gold mind.

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