Torrance Private Investigator

Torrance Private Investigator


Torrance Private Investigator

Paramount Investigative Services is fully prepared to be the Torrance private investigator that you depend on. We are professional and discreet experts in the surveillance and investigation field. We will provide you with investigative services that help protect and recover your assets so that your life and business can continue to progress smoothly. Our business is built on the expertise of specialists in investigation with years of experience. So you can trust us, our work, and our results. When it comes to finding a Torrance private investigator, we are your best option, bar none.

Skip Tracing

If you need to locate a debtor, neglectful parent, or someone else who is evading their financial responsibilities, let our skip tracing help you. We have access to databases of personal, civil, and criminal records that will trace the movements of the person you are looking for and reveal any assets that can be used to recover their debt. Our expertise will quickly provide the information needed to start or continue legal proceedings against the debtor. Our thorough skip tracing services can locate people and their property so that you do not have to suffer loss because they are evading their legal or financial responsibilities.

Cheating Spouse Surveillance

We are the Torrance private investigator that will provide you with the cheating spouse surveillance that you need to make important decisions and potentially fight for your rights. We know that you do not want to need this service and are distraught over the idea. We will provide accurate cheating spouse surveillance with a fast turnaround so that this chapter of your life will not last any longer than necessary. During this stressful time, Paramount Investigative Services will offer the information you need to make the right decision for you and your family. We will be a calm, professional, understanding partner providing videos, photos, electronic data, and GPS tracking documenting the activity of your spouse. Our cheating spouse surveillance is comprehensive and will instill confidence as you take your next steps.

Fraud Investigation and Process Serving

Fraud of any kind can be a costly and time-consuming problem. With our Torrance fraud investigation, you will not use the time and resources of your business fighting a losing battle. Our fraud investigator haa the experience to prevent possible fraud as well as identify and recover losses from fraud that has already occurred. Save time and money by letting us handle your Torrance fraud investigation. Our understanding of the local, state, and federal laws will allow us to keep the fraud investigation from burdening you. Our surveillance via video recording, and records review will ensure that the effect of fraud on you and your business is minimized. We provide the Torrance fraud investigation that you can rely on.

We are available to provide professional process serving on your schedule throughout the Torrance area. Let Paramount Investigative Services take on this time-consuming, frustrating, and potentially dangerous task. You need to turn to a reliable Torrance process server like us. We have the experience and the persistence to liaison between you, the other litigant(s), and the courts. We will deliver your documents efficiently. We have a thorough approach that allows us to quickly locate defendants and witnesses and handle the process serving so that the legal process can proceed without delay. Make us your professional process server in Torrance so that you can focus on the rest of your life and business.