Thousand Oaks Private Investigator

Thousand Oaks Private Investigator

Thousand Oaks Private Investigator

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There are many reasons a person or business may find themselves in need of a private investigator. Regardless of your need, Paramount Investigative Services can provide you the professional services you require. Let us be the Thousand Oaks private investigator that you depend on. We are dedicated to using our expertise to help you resolve your problem and move on with the things that are important to you. The wide range of our knowledge and training will lead you to make a sound decision based on evidence that you can use personally, professionally, or to take action through the legal system.

Your Insurance Fraud Investigator in Thousand Oaks

When companies are in need of an insurance fraud investigator in Thousand Oaks, we are the investigator they call. We will effectively investigate, gather evidence, and allow you to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with legal action.

The cost of insurance fraud is not one that we as a business community can afford. It limits the time, money, and other resources that you could have allocated elsewhere. We have the tools and knowledge to ferret out the signs of fraud and gather the evidence needed for you to build your case. We have an understanding of the special circumstances surrounding claims of injury arising out of employment (AOE) or in the course of employment (COE). The evidence we will gather includes eyewitness surveillance, video recording, photographs, and a reviews of personal, civil, and criminal records. You will have all the information you need to validate or disprove the claim, ensuring your assets are protected.


Paramount Investigative Services can provide thorough skip tracing when you need to locate someone who owes you money. Whether it is a debtor or neglectful parent, we will find them so that you can hold them responsible for their financial obligations. Using various databases containing personal, civil, and criminal records, we can track down people and their assets.

As with all of our services, we conduct ourselves within the letter of the law so that all evidence we gather can be used by the legal system. Our wide-ranging skip tracing abilities will minimize the time, money, and resources that your business has to expend in investigation.

Cheating Spouse Investigations

A cheating spouse investigator is not someone that you ever want to have to look for or hire, but when you do, you want someone that you can trust. During this stressful time, let us provide you with information to guide your decision making and next steps. Though emotions are heightened during these types of situations, we will be a calm, professional, understanding ally. The cheating spouse investigator will take videos and photos documenting evidence of infidelity. We can also monitor your spouse through GPS tracking of his or her vehicle.

Legal Investigative Services

Our legal investigative services can provide you with many services for personal and business use. We have a comprehensive knowledge of laws at the local, state, and federal levels. We will conduct ourselves in a manner that ensures the evidence we gather will stand up in any legal system. Our methods include conducting interviews, surveillance gathering, and witness identification and debriefing. Entrust with your need for legal investigative services so that you and your business can focus on what you do. Turn to Paramount Investigative Services as the Thousand Oaks private investigator that offers assurance through excellent service and proven results.

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