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The best private investigator in southern California is Ken Childs of Paramount Investigative Services. The owner has been in the industry and gained valuable field experience since 1999. Though he did not gain his knowledge through a prior law enforcement career, he worked for firms who had their own niche; surveillance, taking statements, locating witnesses, to the extreme of fugitive recovery, auto repossession, and security work for local celebrities and the wealthy. Ken prides himself on performance and your confidentiality. (Think of him as your professional concierge who keeps a low profile and takes care of the things that you might not have time or energy to deal with yourself.

Paramount Investigative Services specializes in; surveillance for insurance companies, cheating spouses, families with child custody issues, rural surveillance, and small business assistance. Other services offered are locating witnesses, background checks, and interviews or statements. What makes Paramount Investigative Services the best private investigator in southern California? Outside of our hands on experience is our strategic partnerships. We have partnerships that specialize in retrieving records from courthouses across the nation to ex FBI friends that specialize computer or electronic forensics and DNA experts. Yes, these individuals literally wrote the book in their fields.


Featured on KCal-9 Best of Southern California “Paramount Investigative Services”

Featured on K-Cal 9 series “The Best of Southern California.” Owner of Paramount Investigative Services was selected out of hundreds of investigators for this honor. Owner Ken Childs walks you through why they are the best private investigator in southern California. Great case samples to specialty tools and tricks of the trade. It’s clear why Paramount Investigative Services are in a league of their own.

Have you been let down in the past? Did your investigator miss the video when it counted? Put an end to the uncertainty, hire Paramount Investigative Services and put your fears or concerns at ease.

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