Studio City Private Investigator

Studio City Private Investigator

Studio City Private Investigator

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Looking for a Studio City private investigator? Well you need look no further. Paramount Investigative Services is your full service private investigator in Studio City, CA. Our private investigators are licensed and bonded professionals specializing in surveillance, skip tracing and investigating infidelity. Whether you need an experienced legal support investigator to help you gather evidence and nail down your witness list for an upcoming case, or you need to get to the bottom of your suspicions about your spouse (so called “cheating spouse” cases), Paramount Investigative Services has the manpower and expertise to help you.

Legal Investigative Service

From taking statements to finding witnesses, Paramount Investigative Services offers your law practice a full slate of services. Coming from a long and impressive background in private investigation, Ken Childs and the investigators at Paramount have extensive in-field experience offering legal support services. Our investigators are well aware of the legal guidelines and strictures necessary for taking statements and presenting evidence in a court of law and have the discipline and persistence to make sure these requirements are met and exceeded.

In addition, since most of our investigators are multi-lingual (speaking Spanish, Italian or French in addition to English), they can handle statement recording from a wide range of subjects, and follow through with investigations in most Los Angeles communities.

We also have the technical know how and expertise to conduct skip tracing quickly and successfully. From searching public records to interviewing those in the subject’s immediate circle, we have mastered the science or skip tracing, and offer the full repertoire of tools and skills that are required in this kind of activity. When law offices have an especially difficult case—of an evasive witness for example—they come to us, because they know we can find him or her when no one else can.

Insurance Surveillance

Our investigators also have extensive experience in insurance surveillance. Our investigators know how to research a subject, and determine that individual’s habits so that we can discover and record instances of fraud. Whether it is a worker compensation claim, auto collision claim or a death claim—Paramount Investigative Services will look into it, providing you with the photographic evidence you need to prove the validity or falsehood of the claim in question.

The surveillance expert (or experts, as the case may be) assigned to your case will be sure to follow the best practices when it comes to sub-rosa surveillance, remaining inconspicuous so that the subject does not alter their usual behaviors. Our investigators know how to gather information without tipping off the target of our inquiries.

Investigating Infidelity and other Personal Matters

Whether it is finding a lost love or conducting a background check on a potential partner’s past, Paramount Investigative Services can help you. We often handle such private matters, always keeping your case confidential.

Unfortunately, more often than not, such private matters involve the suspicion of a cheating spouse. Our investigators have a great deal of experience investigating infidelity; helping clients to get peace of mind. We will give you the proof you need to make an educated decision.

Put simply, Paramount Investigative Services is ready to be the private investigator in Studio City and in the greater Los Angeles area. So, if you are ready to find out the truth, call Paramount Investigative Services today at 877-456-7726!