Sierra Madre Private Investigator

Sierra Madre Private Investigator

Sierra Madre Private Investigator

Nothings changed, old family values of Sierra Madre

We know that you have many choices when considering who to hire as your Sierra Madre private investigator. With Los Angeles nearby you can definitely find a number of capable private investigators to take on your case. That is why Paramount Investigative services knows it must go the extra mile in order to earn the right to be your Sierra Madre private detective.

To this end, Paramount Investigative Services has assembled a highly experienced, expertly trained team of security and detection professionals ready to take on the intricacies of your case and bring it to resolution.

In the 21st Century, hiring a private detective agency is no longer just about finding someone that can follow someone or stake out a location. These days private investigators are asked to do everything from find computer records to help businesses defend their proprietary secrets against theft. So you should not just hire any private investigator. You need an experienced professional.

Why should you hire Paramount Investigative Services as your Sierra Madre detective service?

Paramount Investigative Services’ Commitment to Excellence and Professionalism

At Paramount Investigative Services’ words like professionalism, know-how, and commitment are not just buzz words. When you hire a PI from Paramount Investigative Services you can be assured that your detective will be a licensed and bonded investigative professional. Your Sierra Madre detective will not only be equipped with all the latest tools in surveillance and detection, but will have the experience and judgment to know how and when employ these tools to further your case.

Why is it important to have a well-trained private investigator?

Discreet Surveillance

Whether you are an insurance company looking to investigate a case of worker’s compensation fraud or you suspect your spouse of an extra-marital affair, it is important to have a professional to conduct the surveillance that will reveal the truth. The detective assigned to your case will make sure that the subject of surveillance does not notice he or she is being watched so they do not alter their behaviors.

Professional and Legal Evidence Gathering

Proper evidence gathering is also especially important if you are hiring Paramount Investigative Services to look into a case of insurance fraud, since proving fraud is a legal matter as well as being simply an establishment of factual detail. As you well know, legal standards in regard to insurance fraud are especially complicated. Your Sierra Madre detective must know the rules of proper evidence gathering. That is why we will equip your private investigator with the tools he or she needs to record and catalogue the evidence for your case.


But evidence gathering is not just about verifying factual information. Often you will need your investigation to go beyond just simply having someone followed. Sometimes you will need to locate witnesses or background information on a particular individual. The team of professionals at Paramount Investigative Services knows how to search for criminal and civil records from upper and lower courts, find tax records for liens and other forms of negative judgments, and locate real property records.

Skip Tracing

Skip tracing is the science of locating individuals who may intentionally be attempting to escape debts or legal proceedings. As your dedicated PI, Paramount Investigative Services will search public records and assemble a database on the individual in question and then use this file to find likely locations where the individual may be hiding. Everything from credit card reports to tax filings may be used to this end. In cases where these primary forms of evidence gathering do not yield useful leads, your investigator may do similar searches on the immediate circle of the individual in question, in order to yield further leads as to the individuals location.

An Affordable and Professional Sierra Madre Private Investigator

Now although we strive to be the best at what we do, we know that few people can afford to spend an arm and a leg to have their investigations conducted. That is why we offer affordable service and are careful to keep costs down by targeting our services to the necessities of your case.

Ready to find out the truth?  give Paramount Investigative Services a call today: 1-877-456-7726.