Reasons to get an accurate asset search from a los angeles

If you clicked on this post, you’ve probably just made the very challenging decision to divorce your partner. It’s probably been a long, hurtful and stressful journey that’s gotten you to this place-in-time, but now that you’ve made a decision, we recommend you take one simple action before doing anything else: get an accurate asset search from a licensed private investigator Los Angeles.

Protect Your Interests in Your California Divorce with Private Investigator in Los Angeles

Having a professional asset search done for you by a Los Angeles private investigator, can uncover a far more accurate picture of you and your spouse’s fiscal situation, you’ll be able to see if there have been any assets hidden, real estate deeds, credit card accounts, or other bank accounts you may not currently know of. As you probably realize already, defining an equitable distribution of assets (or debt) is one of the most difficult tasks for any couple going through a divorce.  

If you’ve made the definite decision to go forward with divorce, get it all out there on the table and have complete closure with the whole situation. It’s better to have all the facts in plain sight then to spend days, months, or years asking “what-if”. By performing an asset search, you’ll be able to know whether your spouse has ever moved money to family members or friends in order to get rid of funds that would be subject to equitable distribution during the divorce process.

When It Comes To Fiscal Assets A Los Angeles Private Investigator Will Be Your Best Friend

Accurate asset searches are especially important if your partner was the one who had been handling most of your finances. Through years of divorce cases, we’ve learned that financial infidelity has been taking place for a long time.  Typically this is because the partner that controlled the finances often keeps assets like secret bank accounts, properties, retirement funds, and other assets unbeknownst to the other partner. A professional asset search will reveal the date that items were purchased or transferred, so that if they argue the asset is a property – purchased before the marriage – we can usually uncover the real facts.

Going through a divorce in Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter is never easy, but knowing the truth is critical.  Getting an accurate asset search done for you will give you full clarity of the situation and peace of mind to know you’re seeing the full picture.

We comprehend this difficult time, we’re sorry that you’re going through this. The mission of Paramount Investigative Services is to provide our clients with the accurate facts, observations, and records to allow them to make informed decisions. We strive to treat everyone with the compassion and the respect they deserve during these very sensitive times.

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