Private Investigator Van Nuys

Private Investigator Van Nuys


Private Investigator Van NuysLet Paramount Investigative Services be the private investigator Van Nuys that you trust for any personal or business investigative needs. We have the training and dedication to provide skilled and tactful professional surveillance that will give you the information you need to make the right decisions and take appropriate, swift action either on your own or within the legal system. You can be confident that when you hire us, we will serve you well and keep your best interests in mind throughout our investigations. Whether you need a Los Angeles process server a surveillance expert, choose Paramount and rest easy.

Cheating Spouse Investigation and Child Custody Surveillance

Suspicion of cheating by a spouse is an emotional situation that does not need to be made any more difficult by uncertainty. It takes an emotional toll on you. You want this handled properly. As surveillance experts, we will include video and photographic documentation of your spouse’s movements, providing essential evidence of whether or not he or she has been unfaithful. We can also provide GPS tracking of his or her vehicle as a way of verifying movements throughout the day. All of this evidence can be useful in a divorce or child custody case that may follow the revelation of infidelity. Our cheating spouse investigation discover the facts essential to determining your next steps—whether they involve a marriage counselor or a divorce lawyer.

Child custody surveillance must also be handled very delicately. The emotional toll is great on all involved. Paramount Investigative Services can provide an objective eye and evidence to guide you to make the right decision for yourself, and especially for your children. For everyone’s sake, a quick outcome is essential. As experts in child custody surveillance, we know how to act with discretion and professionalism to limit difficulties that can be caused by child custody cases and get to a swift resolution of all legal matters.

Fraud Investigation

When your company is in need of a fraud investigation from a reliable private investigator in Van Nuys, Paramount Investigative Services will thoroughly investigate and gather evidence so that you can make a decision that is knowledgeable and fact based. You should not have to pay for the deception of others.

Let our fraud investigator uncover the truth so that you can devote your time and resources to running and improving your business. Our experienced fraud investigator will take care of the hassle of investigation using 21st century tactics to uncover the truth. Our investigators possess a deep understanding of all the legal aspects of fraud investigation and will gather evidence of fraud in a manner that will stand up to even the most skeptical scrutiny. We know all ins-and-outs of out of employment (AOE) or in the course of employment (COE) investigations.

Via personal surveillance, photography, and video, and thorough investigation of personal, criminal and civil records we will find out the truth, so that you can ensure that claims are valid and worthy of pay out.

Turn to us because we are truly surveillance experts. Whether you need cheating spouse investigation, child custody surveillance, or a fraud investigation, Paramount Investigative Services is the private investigator in Van Nuys that you can count on. You need to spend as little time as necessary on these issues and focus your energy on what is important to your life and business.