Private Investigator Testimonials


Private Investigator Testimonials

Private Investigator Testimonials are rarely given but I have to tell you, ever since I started using Paramount Investigative Services in 2004, I have repeatedly obtained excellent results.  Not only do they obtain great film on my cases, but they are hands on.  They will give me advice on how to approach an investigation, strategize with me, and keep in direct communication with me on the day of an investigation!

I really believe they provide excellent service.  I have used over 15 different investigation companies in my practice.  None have provided better results than Paramount.  In 2007, I was able to win at the trial level based on a background investigation performed by Paramount.  They were able to dig up records reflecting a prior auto accident that was never revealed in a deposition nor in the insurance claims database.  With the investigator’s testimony and records, this convince the judge to side with me.  This information was key to the whole case.

I am very happy with the services provided, especially their website in which I can access all the investigative materials 24 hours a day.  In a nutshell, they will go beyond the call of duty.  That’s why I stay with Paramount and that’s why I recommend them

.-David Ro, Esq


I wanted you to know how pleased I am with the outstanding service Paramount Investigative Services has provided.  I have been able to utilize the results in bringing several files to a quick conclusion.  I have also been able to substantiate our denials of several files by showing the tapes to opposing counsel, WCJ’s and medical professionals.

It’s always a pleasure to work with people who know the meaning of efficiency.  I appreciate the timely completion and service.  Rarely have I received the individual attention on my files as you have given.  I have always been able to rely on your flexibility and courteous service. I  have recommended your company to others because of my satisfaction with your service. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come.

-Jas Jandu Esq.

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I’ve had multiple experiences working with Paramount and Ken Childs in the course of dealing with some very personal legal matters. They were creative, helpful, and gave fantastic advice. Ken has been more than happy to help at the drop of a hat numerous times and his work is always thorough. I always felt Ken was personally interested in how I was doing and my circumstances. He’s one of the good guys.

Anonymous Google Review

Hired the team from Paramount Investigative to do some sleuthing for me – I needed to know if one of the employees at the charity I work for was embezzling and I needed proof before I could move forward and formally accuse this person. The guys here were able to get me what I needed and though it was difficult, it was better to learn the truth and be able to let that person go. We did press formal charges, and the proof the investigators here found helped us immensely


Private Investigator Testimonials

Yelp Reviews:

Isabel L

I never thought I’d have to use a PI service. However, I needed to have someone “served” and did not know where to begin, since the person that needed to be served did not have an established residence nor a stable job it would be almost impossible to track or get a hold of this person. Until I found Ken on Yelp! I decided to give him a call, then I personally met with him.
Ken is a true professional! Not only does he work hard for his clients, but he actually cares about his clients and proves so by going the extra mile. Aside from his professional work ethic, he offers great advice and alternate solutions that make the impossible become possible.
If you want someone that’s dedicated to their profession and good at their job title description, Ken is your guy. No matter how difficult your situation may seem Ken will find a solution.

A.L. -Los Angeles

Wow.   I’ve never had to call a private investigator before.  I don’t know if I’ve watched too many Hollywood movies, but some part of me expected a fast talking sleaze ball with a cigar hanging out the side of his mouth to return my call.
But talking to Ken Childs was such a great experience.  I immediately felt comfortable with him… (no fast talking sleaze ball here!)  He listened to what information I had and though he doesn’t specialize in my kind of case, he took time to look up helpful information for me and advise me on what the best course of action was.  He definitely pointed me in the right direction.
He’s extremely personable and is easy to have great rapport with.  I have no patience for people who try to charm you or cajole you, but with Ken, he gave me the impression of just being friendly, sincere, straight forward, and a great guy to get to the bottom of whatever you want to know.

Susan ESQ.

We were stuck at the last minute in having to subpoena a witness for trial to Washington State from the LA area.  On first attempt to locate the witness, her apartment and address were verified. The next day she had moved out of the apartment, stripped it clean and was gone.  We had a short time to serve the witness.  We contacted Ken Childs of Paramount Investigative Services, gave him the name of the person and her former address, and within 24 hours they had located her, served her, and she was then at that point subject to the jurisdiction of our Federal Court in Washington.  A job well done.  I cannot recommend Ken enough for this type of work.

Candyce G  (reconnected with her daughter after 20 years)

I haven’t seen my 20 year old daughter since she was 1 year old. He father’s family made me sign papers in Mexico to give her up before they would let me return to California. I was young and naive and I signed the papers. She has been living in Mexico, and I was here in California. After all of this time you helped my reunite with my daughter and this was her “dream come true”. I have regained my daughter, a son-in-law, a grandchild, and one grandchild on the way! I can’t thank you enough. Ken, you rock! And I hope this review helps you in your endeavors. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU — from the bottom of my heart!

Tim W.

If you need the kind of help that requires a PI, this guy is the one you want. I found Ken to be personable, helpful, and empathic – which is a huge relief when you’re dealing with very personal sensitive matters.

Patrick M

I was recently victimized by a craigslist scammer. I’ve paid thousands of dollars to an item that turned out to be a fake. I knew finding this individual won’t be an easy task. However, I gave it a shot on finding this person by using my own resources, the internet and even prepaid online background checks. My own efforts came empty handed and that’s when I’ve decided to hire an expert before it’s too late. Hiring a private investigator is very critical at this point. I’ve interviewed several private investigators but Paramount Investigative Services stood out among the rest. After interviewing with Ken Childs (owner), I immediately felt at ease. He is very sincere, caring, professional and detail oriented.

Well, long story short, Mr. Childs did not disappoint me… His hardwork and dedication brought this scammer to justice within days of hiring him. Gave me video surveillance and several evidences to help build my case. He even gave me great advice on how to handle the legal part of the whole ordeal – free of charge. Even walked extra an mile and not charge me a single dime for all the extra hours he spent on this case. I am truly thankful and very much appreciative for everything. I highly recommend Paramount Investigative Services. Words cannot describe how extremely satisfied I am! Job well done, Ken!

Scott Cullings

Having known Ken for well over 15 years, I watched him grow from an awesome surveillance person, to an awesome overall investigator and businessman. As head of Paramount Investigative Services, Ken Childs is one of only two people I have ever referred MY clients to. If Honesty and Integrity are important to you, you will have a good experience with Paramount.