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Private Investigator Pasadena, CA


Private Investigator Pasadena CAParamount Investigation Services is ready to be your dedicated private investigator in Pasadena, CA. We provide a full array of investigative services for clients both great and small. If you need a witness found or surveillance on an individual, our experienced Pasadena PI team can handle your case.

Paramount’s investigators are licensed and experienced professionals who come from law enforcement backgrounds so they have the knowledge and contacts to conduct your case effectively and within the parameters of the law. Our investigators can help you to get the evidence you need to further your legal action or to find clarity. Regardless of whether you case is of a personal nature (as in the cases of suspected spousal infidelity) or of a professional nature (double checking the background of a potential employee), the professionals at Paramount Investigative Services will do all in their power to achieve your investigative goals.

State of the Art Investigative Techniques and Equipment

Our Pasadena detective agents are equipped with the latest in technical knowhow and surveillance equipment. We know that a picture tells a thousand words, so we make sure to get the visual or audio proof you need. Furthermore your private detective in Pasadena, CA will bring the discretion and professionalism that you expect from your Pasadena PI.

Paramount reflects the standards and ideals of our founder and director Mr. Childs. Mr. Childs is has long been regarded as a rapidly rising star in the investigative field where he proved his mettle at one of the most prestigious private investigation firms on the West Coast before founding his own firm. Mr. Childs is now the Los Angeles Director of California Association of Private Investigators, the largest association of private investigators not only in California, but in the world.

Mr. Childs’ vision and ideals will form the standard for your Paramount private investigator in Pasadena, CA as it is for all Paramount PI’s. These ideals insure that your Pasadena private detective will not only provide you with the standard investigative services expected of a professional but that he will strive to go the extra mile to assure you of satisfaction.

We cannot promise that your case will always end successfully or conclusively. Such is the nature of investigative services. We can however, promise that your private investigator in Pasadena, CA will be prepared, trained, and equipped to provide you with the greatest opportunity for success.

Legal Documentation Services

If you are involved in a legal action, you need your private detective in Pasadena, CA to do more than just gather the information to further your action. You need a Pasadena private investigator that knows how to gather the proof you need in a way that makes it amenable to presentation in a court of law. That is why Paramount Investigative Services makes sure to hire professional private investigators who have had experience in law enforcement, know how to take witness accounts, gather physical evidence, and record visual and audio evidence in way that makes it easily usable in courts of law.

This is also one of the reasons why law firms and corporations prefer Paramount to other Pasadena detective firms.

Don’t leave your Pasadena private investigator needs to less experienced firms. Let the best private investigator in Pasadena, CA take care of your surveillance and evidence gathering needs. Call Paramount Investigative Services today! (877) 456-7726