Private Investigator Los Angeles: The 5 Most Common Services

Why would you want to hire a Los Angeles private investigator? People hire private investigators for several reasons. There are those who want to get confirmation for certain things that they have always suspected whereas others want help to unveil information that was hidden for many years. Let’s look at the main reasons why most people hire a private investigator and the services they offer.


Almost every private investigator in Los Angeles has dealt with an adultery or infidelity case. Such cases are quite common among couples who wish to find out what their partners are doing and if they are faithful in their relationships. A private investigator can come up with a report and evidence to show whether your partner is faithful or unfaithful.

Stalking issues

Private investigators have also been hired to help individuals deal with stalking issues. Many people who are disturbed by stalkers have sought to private detectives in order to get more information about their stalkers and why they chose them to be victims of this unlawful act.

Locating missing persons

A private investigator Los Angeles can also be used to help locate missing persons. They have the tools and resources to dig deep and reveal evidence that even the police couldn’t obtain. We have heard of PIs who have been used by families to locate missing children in Los Angeles. These private investigators are trained on how to offer this kind of service.

Employee theft investigations

If you are suspecting that something wrong is going on in your organization then it’s important to hire a private investigator Los Angeles and get the real facts about which employees cannot be trusted. Companies have sought these services in order to help eradicate employees who are practicing in theft and other unlawful things within their business. In most cases, the employees are found to work together as a group in order to steal from the company. A private investigator can help you to prevent your business from running more losses.

Witness location and interview

You can also hire a private investigator in Los Angeles to help you locate and interview witnesses. In this case, the private investigator will be required to help you solve a certain case. The investigator can work with the police in order to get the level of protection he/she need to come up with a conclusive report. But in most cases private investigators work independently.