How Not to Get Scammed by a Private Investigator in Los Angeles

When you need the services of a private investigator in Los Angeles, how do you tell the differences between the bad and the good ones? Do not waste your time and money by blindly picking someone who may not be up to the task and end up getting you scammed. 


Get recommendations from someone you know and trust. Could be your attorney, co-worker or a friend. If they have ever hired a PI, they should share their experience with you and tell you if a particular agent is recommended. 


Perform a search on BBB website for private investigator Los Angeles or simply call your local BBB office. Make sure that the private investigator you want to hire is accredited with BBB. Even if the agent or agency does not have accreditation with BBB, you can check their ratings so as to avoid scam. 


Assuming you have some names at hand and you are not sure of their credibility, you can go for an internet search using the names you got. The search will give you reviews of the Los Angeles Private investigator you have chosen; positive and/or negative ones. If you don’t have any name at all, you can run a search for private investigators in Los Angeles. Check out the websites of private investigators that show up and decide.

Having gotten a private investigator to hire, you want to setup a telephone conversation and ensure that all your questions are answered. Also setup an initial consultation with your number 1 choice and determine if they are fit for the job.  

In order to avoid getting scammed, you need to keep these considerations checked:


How does the Los Angeles private investigator appear on their website, on phone and also in person? Also, how well do they communicate? The success of your case is at stake therefore you they need to be as credible and professional enough in handling your case.


Does the private investigator have the necessary experience needed to handle your case?  A good private investigator will be able to deliver great results and some actually are cost-effective. Some may have high rates and you still get value for the money you pay. Be careful of jobs that have strangely low prices. They may not be qualified for the job and just want your money. 


Tell your PI a brief description of your case and see if they listen to you or if they are more focused on the money. A good and credible private investigator will give you different options which are based on your goals.

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