North Hollywood Private Investigator

North Hollywood Private Investigator

North Hollywood Private Investigator

Paramount Investigative Services is your North Hollywood Private Investigator!  If you are looking for an experienced and professional North Hollywood private investigator, Paramount Investigative Services has the resources and expertise to meet your investigative needs. Whether you are a business owner who needs insurance surveillance services to determine if an employee is conducting insurance fraud, an attorney looking for a top notch process server to find an elusive individual important to your case, or someone who is worried about whether a spouse is cheating, Paramount Investigative Services has the wherewithal to help you get to the bottom of the matter and build your case.

Paramount Investigative services employs the latest and most effective methods of investigation to ensure that you get results. Our advanced research techniques and good, old-fashioned shoe leather gives you the best chance at a successful conclusion. We are a fully bonded and licensed investigative service staffed by a group of experienced investigators lead by Ken Childs, a rising star in the investigation field, who is now taking the latest techniques and strategies from the world of corporate private investigation, and applying them to make sure that when you hire Paramount Investigate, you are getting the best North Hollywood Private Investigator.

Here are just some of the services Paramount specializes in:

Your North Hollywood Process Server

With more than 75,000 residents hailing from all over the world, North Hollywood and the Greater LA Area (with an estimated population of more than 4 million), is the proverbial haystack where that one needle can hide for weeks on end. Using public records and the science of skip tracing, we will narrow down the location of your needle and then follow through with the footwork and patience it takes to actually track down and serve him or her.

Our multilingual private investigators (we have not only fluent Spanish speakers but French and Italian speakers as well), are persistent and committed to finding, serving, and documenting the serving of your target. So regardless whether you need a spouse served with divorce papers, or a witness officially servied with a subpoena, Paramount Investigative should be your choice when it comes to process serving.

Your Go-To Insurance Surveillance Specialists

For many of the same reasons, we should also be your insurance surveillance specialist. With years of experience staking out and documenting insurance fraud for private companies, Paramount has raised insurance surveillance to a near science. We know how to inconspicuously follow and observe suspects and how to catch them in the act of exercising or otherwise conducting themselves, so that you will have the evidence you need to prove fraud.

And we also know how to stay well within the laws so that your suspect does not get off on a technicality.

Your Trusted PI for Investigating Infidelity

A cheating spouse or lover is never an easy situation to encounter. It can be devastating emotionally, socially and even economically. If you have decided to go ahead in the investigation of your spouse, then you should hire Paramount to find out the truth for you. Our investigators know how to handle your case with care, confidentiality, and diligence. We will get you the proof you need to find out the truth so that you can regain peace of mind, and make a clear headed decision about your future.

If you are ready to find out the truth, call us today at 877-456-7726!