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Monrovia Private Investigator

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If you are searching for the best Monrovia private investigator and surveillance service, you need look no further. Paramount Investigative Services is a licensed and bonded private investigation firm specializing in surveillance, litigation support, and domestic investigation in Monrovia and the Greater Los Angeles area. Our experienced team of investigators has extensive in-field experience and training (both legal and practical).

We are a dedicated, professional investigation service committed to unearthing the truth for our clients. We aren’t satisfied until you are. So whether you need 24-hour surveillance or a subpoena served and documented, Paramount Investigative is ready to help you get to the truth.

Insurance Surveillance

Investigating insurance fraud can be an expensive and time consuming task for an insurance provider. That is why insurance providers hire us to investigate, watch and document those who they suspect of possible insurance fraud. Our surveillance experts know how to find, follow and record evidence of fraud (and innocence) so that you can use your time to provide your better clients with superior service.

Whether it is property, health, workers compensation, automobile, theft or life insurance claims that you need investigated, we have the experience and know-how to verify whether there is or isn’t fraud happening. And we can do this both while staying within the law in every action, from surveillance to taking statements.

Litigation Support Services

It is this legal knowledge and extensive experience that also makes Paramount Investigative the go-to Los Angeles private investigator for law firms and those in legal disputes. When trial lawyers have a difficult witness to track down (one that likely does not want to be found), they come to Paramount, because they know that if anyone can find them, we can.

We have mastered the science of skip tracing and employ it to follow the trail that targets leave behind until they lead us to the person in question whether they are in Malibu or Monrovia. Process servers like our investigators know how to search the public record and are bi-lingual, speeding up the conclusion of an investigation. Whether the person is a witness who needs to be interviewed or called in for pre-trial discovery or the individual is a dead beat dad trying to escape child custody payments—we will track them down and serve them.

Cheating Spouse and Child Custody Surveillance

One of the most difficult matters which brings clients to us are private matters such as cheating spouses and child custody problems. Investigating infidelity can be a matter of emotional need, but from our years of experience, we also know there are real legal and economic dimensions to these kinds of private problems. That is why, at Paramount, not only will we handle your case with the respectfulness and discretion that it deserves, we will also seek to document what we find so that, should it be necessary, it can be used in any legal proceedings that may ensue.

Find out the truth, call Paramount Investigative Services today at 877-456-7726!