Mission Statement

Mission Statement

At Paramount Investigative Services, the terms honesty, reliability and tenacity aren’t just for marketing. Instead, we work to ensure that these values are demonstrated to our clients every day through our efforts and in our work product. We provide our clients with the accurate observations, facts, and records to allow them to make informed decisions. We strive to treat everyone with the compassion and the respect they deserve.

Our Guarantee

The below states; once hired, we can not guarantee the outcome of any case.  We can only tell you that through our hard work and experience, we will give you the edge you need.

Please read the following carefully -Thank you

The Client (The “client” would be you) warrants and guarantees that: (a) it has retained the Agency’s (The “agency” is Paramount Investigative services) services solely and exclusively for the reasons and purposes described above; (b) the Client is not working for any other individual or entity with an interest in the outcome of the Agency’s services; and (c) the Client agrees to use the results of the Agency’s investigation solely for lawful purposes.

The Agency warrants and guarantees that: (a) it will professionally and diligently perform the services described above; (b) that it will use only lawful means to conduct its investigation; and (c) that it will maintain Client confidentiality to the extent required and permitted under California and Federal law. The Client authorizes the Agency to use the services of others to assist in carrying out this agreement and the Client further authorizes the Agency to share confidential client information with other investigative agencies or experts hired by the Agency to assist in the investigation and with the Agency’s legal counsel to obtain legal advice.

The Agency does not and cannot warrant or guarantee any particular result or outcome from its investigative efforts. The Client understands and agrees that the Agency cannot guarantee the accuracy of information provided to it by witnesses, government agencies, news services, web sites, data brokers and other sources. Therefore, the Client assumes all responsibility and liability for any reliance on information provided by the Agency and any disclosures of such information made by the Client to third parties.

Any estimates on the likely costs of the Agency’s services or the time required to complete our services are simply good faith estimates and do not constitute a prediction or guarantee.