Malibu Private Investigator

Malibu Private Investigator


Malibu Private InvestigatorParamount Investigative Services can be trusted to be the Malibu private investigator that you rely on for any investigative need in your personal or business life. We have the experience to serve you and are devoted to helping you find legally satisfactory solutions to the problems you face. With comprehensive information, you will be equipped to make the right decision. Whether you are moving forward on your own or with the help of the legal system, the evidence we provide will be your ally. Choose us as your Malibu private investigator and be confident that you are being served well.

Cheating Spouse Surveillance

Suspicion of cheating by a spouse is a difficult situation to be faced with. The emotional toll that it takes necessitates a quick resolution. We can help provide that.

Our cheating spouse surveillance includes video and photographic documentation of the movements of your spouse, providing essential evidence that he or she has been unfaithful. We will give you a record of all your spouse’s comings and goings so that you will know exactly when and where they were and so you can check this versus where your spouse claims to have been. All of this evidence can be useful in divorce and child custody cases that may follow the revelation of infidelity. Our cheating spouse surveillance can help you come to an informed decision.

Your Experienced Child Custody Investigator

As with the experience of a cheating spouse, disputes over child custody cause emotions to run high. Paramount Investigative Services can provide an objective eye and evidence to guide you to the next steps. It is important for you, and especially for your children, that the situation reach a swift outcome. As an experienced child custody investigator, we know how to act with discretion and professionalism to minimize the difficulties and get to a quick resolution of the issues.

Legal Investigative Services

We have a comprehensive grasp of laws in Malibu, California, and the United States. With this expertise, we can help you address most legal issues. We will help you avoid potential problems by conducting background checks of and monitoring current, potential employees and or past employees.

In addition to the preventative benefits, our legal investigative services are useful when a problem does surface. We begin by gathering the evidence you need. We have experience and training to properly interview, search, and collect the proof that is often a prerequisite for taking action. All of this will be done with an understanding of the legal system and ensuring that it is all admissible in court. We have worked hard to earn the trust of our customers and will do the same for you. Look to us for legal investigative services that you need to safeguard your life and business.

When you find yourself in need of a private investigator in Malibu, Paramount Investigative Services is here for you. We have the expertise to make sound decisions, acting with professionalism and discretion. We will help you guard your assets and recover losses in your personal and business lives.

Put simply, Paramount Investigative Services is the private investigator in Malibu that you can depend on, call now (877) 456-7726