Locate Important People with a Los Angeles Private Investigator

Sadly, in many cases there isn’t a lot of info available when attempting to locate someone, which can make it a time consuming, challenging, and frustrating endeavour. You may be looking for a biological relative you’ve lost touch with. Or perhaps there’s an old friend- or romantic interest – you wish to re-gain contact with. Other times, the reasons are prescient, for example needing to locate a witness or to serve legal documents. There are specific conditions when deciding to hire a private investigator Los Angeles to locate someone is the most suitable choice, since the internet can only offer as specific amount of free information.

If you’ve arrived here, the issue you’ve most likely faced, is limited information available when searching various search engines like Google, Facebook, and other social networking sites. After you have exhausted the conventional search alternatives, attempting to locate someone can get tricky – and can get quite expensive. Many of the “people finding” websites will charge you large fees and spit out information that’s old and often times incorrect, which means you’ve got to start all over again.

Need to find a witness? Why waste time with search engines online and undependable locating sites? Since locating people is a mainstay of our company, we have proprietary systems that give us access to inside-information and can filter out the accurate information from what’s old and out-dated to be able to find your witness as rapidly as possible. We can work from old house addresses or work addresses, social security numbers, and phone numbers.

Need serve a subpoena or legal documents? Are you having difficulties serving a slick and dubious person documents or a subpoena? Our Los Angeles private investigators use a mix of fact-finding services, surveillance services and “people-finder” technology to be able to get your court documents into the right hands on time.

Need additional surveillance services? Generally, our customers need an added layer of protection during Surveillance services, when seeking out spouses or other high level individuals where the client’s identity should remain private.  Other times, our customers are trying to find biological relatives, including mom, a father, or sibs. When you need to look into crimes, insurance claims, company theft child custody issues, or suspected marital infidelity, hire a professional Los Angles private investigator for your own best interest and safety.

If you’re disappointed and tired from your futile efforts to locate someone, contemplate the advantages of hiring a private investigator Los Angeles to do the work for you. It might be cheaper than you believe and the professional results are worth it. 

We wish you all the best in your hunt.

Owner of Paramount Investigative Services.  Ken Childs has operated as a Los Angeles Private Investigator since 1999. If you need to find a private investigator in LA, contact Paramount Investigative Services.  We’re confident Ken can help you find what you’re looking for.