Legal Support Services

Legal Support Services

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As your Los Angeles process server, Paramount Investigative Services can provide you with not only fast, effective service, we can also don our investigative hats to locate difficult to find individuals who may be evading the summons. Because we are experienced process servers, we know how to deliver a subpoena in a manner that is both lawful and effective. We do not just “drop serve” summons the way some process servers may do.So if you need legal support for your case, would like someone tracked down, want certain court documents pulled or filed, or need a witness found and returned to the court, give Paramount Investigative Services a call.

Legal Support Services

This is why your documents don’t get served; Uniformed Officers make horrible process servers


Statements are another invaluable resource for our clients. They should be performed by a licensed-investigator. We regularly take statements for various reasons and interview all kinds of witnesses, from the injured party to supervisors, bystanders, neighbors or local business owners. It is all about the who, what, when, where, how and why. We pride ourselves on interviewing as many people as possible and gathering as much information as possible. This will ensure the client receives a thorough investigation by not leaving any stones unturned. On most cases we will take measurements and photos of the area in question for documentation purposes.We also have Spanish speaking investigators if needed.Corporation and small business should be cautious when hiring a Human Resource company that claims to do investigation work as part of its service package. This is not encouraged as these companies often employ investigators who might not have the experience a licensed-investigator would have. Their industry is currently being challenged in Sacramento for the legality of providing investigation work.



As your legal support services specialist we perform an array of services including our specialty, surveillance!  Not only can we get your documents served, we can videotape insurance claims, cheating spouses or parents who aren’t caring for their child like they claim to.  Get the results you need for your case and call our Legal Support Services department today.  (877) 456-7726