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Your La Canada Flintridge Private Investigator

Paramount Investigative Services is proud to serve as the prime La Canada Flintridge private investigator firm. Our bonded and licensed private investigators are experienced professionals who treat every case with the utmost professionalism and discretion, regardless of whether it is a simple process service or a complicated insurance surveillance involving multiple locations and surveillance targets.

When you hire Paramount, you can expect the best. Our PI’s are trained in all the latest surveillance and investigative technologies and have logged an impressive amount of field experience. This means that they know how to quickly and effectively conduct your investigation, saving you both time and money.

In addition, because many of our clients are law practices, we know both how to stay within legal parameters when it comes to surveillance, and how to create courtroom ready statements and evidence recording.

Investigating Infidelity and Other Personal Matters

Investigating infidelity is never easy. Suspicions of a cheating spouse can be difficult to admit even to close confidantes. If you must know the truth, however, to regain your peace of mind, then Paramount is there to help you find out the truth about what is going on, no matter how painful.

Along the same lines, we can also use our expertise for tracking down missing individuals to locate old loves and acquaintances.

Legal Support Services

One of Paramount’s most recognized services, however, is providing your law practice with the investigative support services that help you expedite case work. We strive to be the number one investigative service in La Canada Flintridge. Process service, skip tracing, statement recording—if you need these services done in an effective time sensitive manner, you can put your trust in Paramount’s experienced investigators.

Need a witness located for an upcoming court action? Paramount can do the footwork for you, finding public records to determine residence addresses and use the subject’s circle of acquaintance to determine their possible whereabouts. In addition, we can interview acquaintances to find the individual and have them served with court papers. Most of our investigators are bi-lingual and able to conduct interviews in Spanish, Italian and French as well as English.

Furthermore, our investigators have hundreds of hours of field experience and training in legal support services, so they know how to take statements and record evidence in a manner that makes it courtroom ready. If you need a private investigator to help you with your case preparation, you cannot go wrong with Paramount Investigative.

Legal and Insurance Surveillance

In addition, Paramount Investigative is also your choice for legal and insurance surveillance.
Insurance surveillance requires both patience and discretion. Our investigators know how to stakeout and follow a subject inconspicuously avoiding being detected, and how to record activities that will help you prove fraud be it in a Worker’s Compensation case or in a Child Custody dispute.

Put simply, Paramount  is ready to be the PI service for all your investigative needs. So, if you are ready to find out the truth, call Paramount Investigative Services today at 877-456-7726!