How Much Will it Cost to Hire a Private Investigator Los Angeles California?

Private Investigator Los Angeles CaliforniaYou’ve Decided to Hire a Private Investigator Los Angeles California…

But you are concerned with how much it will cost you. Indeed, hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles doesn’t come cheap. If you want to solicit the services of these experts, you have to prepare for its costs.


The Average

There is no fixed rate for private investigators, as each agency is free to set their own pricing. The average rate, though, is $50 to $55 per hour. That means you could be billed for as low as $50 per hour to over a hundred, depending on which agency you are dealing with and what kind of job you want them to do. The hourly rate will apply for every investigator and for every job that you want performed. The $50 per hour is mostly applicable to simple surveillance jobs and to the most common investigation tasks. But as the job gets complicated, the higher the charge will be. The non-complicated tasks, which may also qualify for a flat rate, include:

  • Phone number identification
  • Criminal record search
  • Vehicle registration search
  • Bug sweeps
  • GPS surveillance or monitoring


Flat Rate Charges

A few Private Investigator Los Angeles California are willing to let go of the hourly rate and charge a flat rate instead. This frees the clients of paying more than their budget for a simple investigation task that will not take more than a month. Check out with different agencies if the task you want performed qualifies for a flat rate before deciding.


Other Charges

When hiring private investigators in Los Angeles, be sure that you also ask for their other charges because there surely are going to be some. These charges are usually added to whatever the effective hourly rate is. So when you do the estimate, include the following:

  • Retainer, the price of which depends on the complexity of the case
  • Data searches
  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Preparation of written report



Most private investigators in Los Angeles, CA bill their clients on a monthly basis. They will normally send them an invoice showing their payables. They are expected to pay the amount, regardless if the investigation has been completed or not. Some cases would require months to finish, especially if it requires data acquisition from another city, state, or country. Payment is usually done via check and credit card.

Once you have decided to hire a private investigator, be sure to ask for a written contract detailing the actual job you want performed. You should also require an itemized report of the private investigator’s activities, for your own peace of mind.