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Encino Private InvestigatorParamount Investigative Services is ready to be your Encino private investigator that you trust for any investigative need, in your personal or business life. We have the experience to serve you and are committed to helping you find a satisfactory solution to any problem you are facing. We will act quickly, thoroughly, and legally to give you the information you need.

Encino Private Investigator

Your Encino Process Server

Serving litigation documents can be a time-consuming, frustrating, and even dangerous (if not handled properly) process. You need to turn to a reliable Encino process server. Paramount has the expertise to deliver your documents quickly and judiciously. Your licensed investigator take a cautious, thorough approach to efficiently handle the task and allow the legal process to move forward. Make us your Encino process server so that you can focus on the things that are important to your life and business.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud can be a costly problem for your business. Do not let your time and resources be consumed with identifying and fighting it. We know how to conduct thorough fraud investigations that can quickly provide evidence so you will avoid suffering losses and can work to recover your time and money. We understand the local, state, and federal laws and know how to handle fraud investigations efficiently and how to utilize video surveillance to make sure you only pay valid claims to deserving recipients.

Discreet Infidelity Investigation

While you certainly do not ever want to hire someone to conduct an infidelity investigation, when you do, you want the best, most discreet service around. During this stress-filled time, Paramount Investigative Services can provide the infidelity investigation you need to guide your decision making and next steps.

Your licensed investigator will utilize several methods of intelligence gathering for infidelity investigations: He will gather video and photo evidence documenting the infidelity or clearing up your suspicions. He will monitor the computer and vehicle activity of your spouse as well so you get a comprehensive picture. We are the Encino private investigator that will help you make your decision and provide you with the infidelity investigation you need to support you in any potential court case.

Employee Background Checks

We have a comprehensive grasp of laws of Encino, California, and the United States so that we can help you deal with any legal issue. We will help you avoid potential problems in your business by conducting employee background checks and monitoring. We have experience and training to properly gather the evidence needed. We know where to look for information. With our employee background checks, you can be confident that you have hired the best and that your business will thrive.

With the thorough information we will provide, you will be able to make the right decision. Whether you are moving forward on your own or with the help of the legal system, the evidence we gather will equip you to do it in the right way. Choose Paramount Investigative Services as your Encino private investigator and be confident that you are being served well.