Difficult Locates Process Server

Difficult locates for service of process

Our investigators are experienced at Difficult Locates Process Server gathering intelligence through various sources; special databases and Open Source intelligence gathering. “OSNIT” is the gathering of information that one has put out or has out on oneself on the Internet. It is the next step beyond the typical investigator’s database searches. Our expert intelligence gatherer has been doing this since the 1980s and teaches our methods to law enforcement and government agencies in addition to teaching courses at conferences for various intelligence gathering agencies.


Difficult Locates Process Server

This is why your documents don’t get served; Uniformed Officers make horrible process servers

Level One Locate:

This is the first step in finding difficult locates; “The subject, The claimant or witness” We utilize special databases and special search techniques to gather intel. Again, this is the recommended fist step. After the databases have provided us with information it needs to be verified or denied. Luckily this usually gets what we need within a relatively short turnaround time.

Level Two Locate:

This search is utilized when a subject, claimant or witness is being evasive. When individuals are purposely covering up their tracks or are in hiding, we charge a 4 hour minimum to go beyond the databases. In this case, we can provide further recommendations to search deeper or advocate that we discontinue the search if we have discovered that this person isn’t too active on the Internet.

Level Three Locate:

This search is Open Source Intelligence gathering at its finest. We begin with a 6 hour minimum retainer: this is the baseline that will determine where the investigation will go from there. It’s a litmus test, if you will. This search is commonly utilized on corporate theft or takeovers, embezzlement, fraud, identity theft. It is also used to gather intelligence on a subject of investigation. With this search we can usually find: “IP” addresses and the subjects’ locations, email addresses that belong to the subjects, former places of employment, Social Media chat logs, blogs, business ownerships, etc. There is a wealth of information on the Internet: you’ll be amazed at what our expert licensed-investigator can find.

Difficult Locates Process Server;

Or simply give us a budget and we’ll do what we can.  All our investigators are trained and experienced in locating hard to find individuals who don’t want to be served documents.  We are tenacious, and with the right budget, we’ll catch and serve them.  Read our yelp review where we served a person in a few hours vs. the months from another company.

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