Culver City Private Investigator

Culver City Private Investigator

Culver City Private Investigator

In search of a Culver City private investigator? Well, consider your search done; Paramount Investigative Services has the knowledge and expertise to bring your case to successful conclusion. As your private investigator in Culver City, CA—Paramount’s licensed and bonded PIs specialize in investigating infidelity, legal investigation services, insurance investigation and all forms of surveillance. Whether yours is a personal case (such as cheating spouse investigation) or you need a private investigator as part of your profession (for example, for your law practice or insurance brokerage), Paramount will provide you with the expertise and resources you require.

Investigating Infidelity

It is unfortunate but true, that one of the most common reasons individuals come to us is because of suspicions involving a cheating spouse. It is never easy to hire a PI for investigating infidelity. Taking that first step can be difficult when you probably haven’t even aired your suspicions to your closest friends and family. But if you are to regain your peace of mind, you may need to find out the truth.

Paramount Investigative will employ the utmost discretion when it comes to investigating your partner, making sure to keep your matter private and to provide you with the conclusive evidence you need to move forward.

Investigating Insurance Fraud

If you are an insurance provider, we don’t have to tell you about the costs that insurance fraud costs the insurance industry every year. With professional defrauders looking to bilk insurance companies, having an effective insurance surveillance expert on your side has never been more important. Whether it is a workers compensation case, a property insurance claim or a death benefits claim, Paramount will do the background research and conduct the surveillance necessary to uncover the truth.

We know how to conduct surveillance in an inconspicuous fashion so that your subject continues to go about his or her normal activities. And we will be sure to document any evidence of fraud, so that you will have the proof you need to defend your ultimate decisions on the case.

Legal Support Services

From simple process service to skip tracing and surveillance, Paramount’s trained legal support investigators pride ourselves on help you to expedite your cases. Our investigators have extensive in-field experience conducting interviewing, taking statements, documenting evidence and serving subpoenas and other legal documents.

One of the specialties which those in the legal profession seek us out for is locating evasive witnesses. Paramount Investigative has mastered the science of skip tracing, utilizing the research tools and hard-earned expertise to reconstruct an individual’s trail and then to use this information and the circle of acquaintances that make up that individual’s life, to track the individual down.

When no one else can find a witness, those in the legal field come to us, because they know that we always find our man. So if you need someone found quickly and efficiently, give Paramount Investigative a call.

Put simply, Paramount Investigative Services is ready to be the private investigator in Culver City and in the greater Los Angeles area. So, if you are ready to find out the truth, call Paramount Investigative Services today at 877-456-7726!