California Process Service Evasive Persons Specialist

California Process Service; Evasive Persons Specialist

At Paramount Investigative Services, we pride ourselves on being the best time sensitive and affordable California process service. When it comes to finding difficult to reach witnesses or litigants—especially those who are actively evading service of process—Paramount should be your first and only call. Our trained professionals know all the tools of trade to make sure your process is served quickly and efficiently. Whether it involves skip tracing or just having the patience to wait for a target to surface in one of his or her usual haunts, we will make sure we get the job done and done right.

California Process Service

This is why your documents don’t get served; Uniformed Officers make horrible process servers

Your California Process Service

Why should Paramount Investigative Services be your first choice for all your legal investigative needs? Because the Sheriff’s department will only scare your subject off.  They arrive to the residence driving a marked police car and then they come to the door in uniform.  Its a wonder how they serve documents at all.

The team at Paramount (assembled by our founder and senior investigator, Ken Childs) is made up of knowledgeable registered and bonded process servers, whose training and experience set them apart from other process servers in the Southern California region. From court filings to finding those actively evading service of process, skip tracing to restraining orders—we do it all.

We are committed to providing our clients with superior service, regardless of whether you are a large nationwide law office with global clients, or an individual who just needs to serve a small claims subpoena. We offer you the same high quality process service and make sure your deadlines are met.

Our staff is also discreet and professional, so that we do not cause any unnecessary problems.

Skip Tracing and Locates

We specialize in difficult to execute process service, including those that require our superior skip tracing and locates services. When it comes to locating the current address of individuals or companies, uncovering hidden assets, and bringing legal, financial and civil histories to light—you can count on Paramount’s experienced team.

Our affordable investigative service executes both legal process service and civil process service and we do so with professionalism and alacrity. (We also execute emergency or time sensitive locates and skip tracing when needed. We are a 24-hour process service provider.)

Legal Research and Reproduction

Paramount’s process servers are also thoroughly familiar with the courts and how to find the documents you need. Where some process servers can only handle actually serving subpoenas, our team knows how to find and reproduce the public records that are vital to your case, whether they be employment records or public reports. We handle all So Cal counties and are authorized to serve subpoenas for required records throughout.

Private Investigation Service

Since we are not just process servers, but a full-fledged private investigative service, we can easily transition from finding an individual or serving that individual a court summons, to intelligence gathering. If you need background information on a key witness or require us to use our investigative ability to keep track of an individual to see whom he or she consorts with prior to a case—we are the service for you.

Put simply, you can trust Paramount Investigative Services with all your legal investigative and process serving needs. From Ventura to Riverside, we have you covered!

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