Burbank Private Investigator

Burbank Private Investigator

Burbank Private InvestigatorParamount Investigation Services is the answer when you need a Burbank private investigator. Paramount is a full service private investigation firm that provides professional services at all levels. Whether you are an individual who needs a private investigator in Burbank, CA to investigate a case of possible spousal infidelity or you are a business that needs a trained and experienced Burbank detective to investigate of case of workers compensation fraud, Paramount can provide you with the complete investigation, surveillance and documentation services you need at affordable price points.

Experienced and Professional Burbank Private Investigator Services

As your dedicated Burbank PI agency, Paramount Investigations provides you with experienced investigators from law enforcement backgrounds. These investigators know the LA area and have the contacts and knowhow to successfully find missing persons, track individuals, investigate cases, and gather necessary evidence for court proceedings.

Don’t leave your investigations to just any private investigator in Burbank, CA. Do you want to trust an investigator who is learning on the job or who may have a spotty record? Paramount is a professional Burbank PI agency. Our founder and director is Mr. Childs, a private investigator who has proven his abilities over a more than decade long career in the investigative field that has seen his rapid rise through the ranks. Mr. Childs is currently the LA District Director of California Association of Private Investigators, a prestigious association that includes not only Burbank PI agents, but private investigators across Southern California.

Mr. Childs’ vision and professionalism define Paramount’s investigative culture, serving as a touchstone for all our investigators. Paramount is not satisfied with being just another private investigator in Burbank, CA—Paramount strives to provide top flight investigative services at affordable price points.

A Full Slate of Burbank Detective Services at Your Disposal

Paramount provides a complete slate of services to cover all your Burbank private investigator needs. Here are just some of the services we provide:

  • Surveillance: Our trained agents are fully equipped and trained in all the latest and best surveillance techniques and technologies and are equally comfortable engaging in traditional forms of tracking and with the latest tools in documentation services. Whether you need an individual followed or a financial account monitored for suspicious activity, we have the experience and knowhow to perform the task.
  • Cheating Spouse Surveillance and InvestigationWhen it comes to personal matters, our team knows how to proceed with caution and discretion. We can collect the evidence and give you visual proof with which to confirm your suspicions so that you can have a degree of certainty in proceeding.
  • Pre-Employment Background Check : Do you work in a business where trust is a necessity such as in child care or the financial industry? Need to hire a private detective in Burbank, CA to make sure that your potential employees do not have any hidden skeletons or red flags in their history? Paramount can comb through your potential candidates’ past financial, criminal and personal histories in order to give you peace of mind and legal cover.
  • Evidence Collection: As you probably know, a professional Burbank private investigator can provide the crucial difference when it comes to matters presented before a court of a law. Having a Burbank PI that knows how to professionally and legally collect evidentiary data can make the difference between being awarded a legal finding, and losing out on legal proceedings even though you are entitled to them.


So, for all of these reasons it is important that you do not leave your investigative needs to just any private detective in Burbank, CA. Let Paramount’s trained team of Burbank PI agents handle your case. Give us a call today (877) 456-7726