Bradbury Private Investigator

Bradbury Private Investigator

If you are in need of a Bradbury private investigator, you need look no further than Paramount Investigative Services—your number one choice for surveillance and investigation in Bradbury, CA and the greater Los Angeles Area. With over a decade’s experience in both private and corporate investigations, you will not find a better, more professional private investigator than Mr. Childs and his team of investigators.s

Bradbury Private Investigator

This is not his wife

Discreet Private Investigations

Of course, much of our business is of a personal nature. If you suspect that your spouse, fiancé or significant other is having an affair, we can help you to confirm (and occasionally dispel) your suspicions. It goes without saying that such painful personal matters are difficult to deal with, and require quite a bit of discretion on the part of your Bradbury private investigator.

Our trained professionals will be sure to monitor the whereabouts and actions of our query with the utmost discretion and professionalism. We can monitor computer activity as well, so that we can uncover any digital communications as well.


Paramount’s Premier Business Investigative Services

When businesses need an affordable Bradbury PI with the acumen and professionalism to get results, they turn to Paramount Investigative Services. Whether you need to have a simple background check or are looking for a more intensive security consultation to make sure that your systems and facilities are not vulnerable to commercial espionage or outright theft, Paramount has the experience and know-how to get the job done right.

When you hire Paramount Investigative, your private investigator will be a licensed and experienced security professional who is not only an expert in surveillance and detection, but will usually come from a law enforcement background and have the kind of inside knowledge of the Los Angeles criminal and judicial system that is crucial to successfully fulfilling your private investigative needs.


Skip Tracing and Information Gathering

When a debtor or parent who owes child support goes missing, a private investigator can help locate the person so that they do not escape their financial duties. Paramount Investigative Services has thoroughly mastered local, state and national databases where public records are housed. We can search both civil and criminal records in both lower and upper courts and help uncover any hidden assets that uncooperative individuals may be hiding by locating property records and other hidden assets.

In addition, through the science of skip tracing, your detective may be able to discover the actual physical location of the individual in question so that legal processes can be reestablished.



Insurance Fraud Investigator

It is estimated that insurance fraud costs US insurance companies a whopping $30 billion dollars yearly, and given the tough times this problem is only likely to increase in the near and long term. If you are an insurance provider and need an insurance fraud investigator to look into a suspicious claim, Paramount Investigative can provide you with thorough and professional fraud investigations.

From subrosa surveillance of individuals to air tight recording of investigations, your dedicated Bradbury private investigator will uncover the truth and make sure that you are not swindled by unscrupulous insurance thieves.

We also provide top grade AOE/COE investigations. An Arising Out of Employment/Course of Employment investigation to determine whether an “injured” worker has actually suffered the injuries he or she claims to have suffered is a tricky kind of case, requiring thorough but discreet investigation. When you hire Paramount Investigative Services, we will make sure that your private Bradbury PI is an experienced, highly trained insurance fraud investigator who knows how to carry out a fraud investigation in a complete and timely fashion.


Legal Investigative Services

Perhaps one of the most difficult types of investigations are those that are done in the evidence gathering phase of pending court actions. If you are a law firm or are engaged in a personal legal action, it is important that you hire a legal investigative services professional who has the expertise and technical ability to gather and record the evidence that you need in a manner that will stand up in a court of law.

That is why when you hire Paramount Investigative for your legal investigations, we will make sure that your detective is not only fully equipped with the latest surveillance equipment, but also has been fully trained on how to create a proper legal record of his or her findings. No matter how good the findings of your investigations, if your private investigator does not record these findings properly they may not ever see the light of day in a court room.

In addition to providing and cataloguing photographic evidence for your case, your detective will be able to use their missing persons expertise to locate witnesses and debrief them so that you can fill in any holes in your case and so be ready when you have your day in court.

Put plainly, Paramount Investigative Services is fully equipped to provide you with the investigative expertise you need to bring your case to a successful conclusion. So if you are ready to find out the truth, give us a call at 1-877-456-7726 or click on the “contact us” tab in the upper right hand corner of the screen.