You’ve probably seen it on TV- husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends are hiring private investigators to trail a cheating spouse. When you suspect that your spouse is cheating, or any form of infidelity in your house, dealing with the emotions can be devastating. The suspicions may or may not be correct and that’s why you may consider getting someone to help you know whether your partner is unfaithful. A private investigator can help you to find out if your partner is being unfaithful and bring some form of closure in your relationship. If you only need proof to move on with your life then contacting a private investigator Los Angeles can be the best decision you ever make.

But hiring a private investigator is something many people are skeptical about. What are some of your concerns when it comes to hiring this professional? The decision to hire a private investigator Los Angeles shouldn’t be made in a rush. This is not something you decide to do when you are highly emotional. You need to give it some thought. You need to understand your expectations, know how much you are likely to spend on this service and then discuss the case with the investigator before arriving at a conclusion. But the reality is that spousal surveillance has helped many people to make life changing decisions about their relationships.

Discover more with little time

Hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles CA can save you a lot of time and money by getting you all the information you need in the shortest time frame. You are going to have a professional conduct a thorough investigation about your family and resolve issues that you couldn’t manage to uncover on your own. The information you obtain from the professional is accurate, effective and received fast. But you must make sure you get an experienced investigator if you intend to get the results fast enough. They know exactly where to look and have access to special databases and tools that are never open to the public.

Get more information

Because they utilize specialized training and methods, private investigators are able to obtain the information needed by the client and so much more. Information that could take you years to uncover can be obtained by a private detective within no time. They are able to do this because not only do they have access to the world’s largest databases but also great connections which come in handy when you need additional facts and information on certain people. A well trained private investigator in Los Angeles can perform tasks that no other untrained detective can handle. 

Utilize latest investigative techniques

Spousal surveillance is not easy. It involves skills and techniques that only a trained detective has. Without using the latest investigative techniques, the detective can spend months looking for the simplest information. But if you get someone who has adequate experience in spousal surveillance you’ll be able to obtain relevant knowledge within the shortest time possible. Their turnaround time is very impressive because this is something they’ve done for so many years and they already know where to find the information they need.

When to hire a private investigator Los Angeles

With the help of a private investigator, you don’t have to keep on guessing whether your partner is being unfaithful or not. You don’t have to spend sleepless nights thinking of what your cheating spouse could be doing if you can have someone find out on your behalf. With spousal surveillance the private investigator will monitor your spouse, who they are with and where they go. The investigative services are conducted in a very discreet and confidential manner. Other forms of tracking a cheating spouse include monitoring email messages and tracking their vehicle.

Signs of a cheating spouse

There are so many telltale signs of a cheating spouse. There are those who will begin spending money without explanations or spending too much time away from home. In many cases, a spouse who is having an affair will detach slowly from their partner and start living a life of secrecy. But there’s no reason for you to keep having these suspicions yet you can always discover the truth by hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles CA. You need to know the truth, get the peace of mind and move on with your life.

If you seriously suspect that your spouse could be unfaithful, you need to consider investing in spousal surveillance services. You can get a professional to show you hard evidence of an affair or lack of it thereof. The investigations will help you to distinguish the real facts from fiction and make a choice based on information you can rely on. At the end of the day a private investigator Los Angeles may not help you to get through the hard and difficult experience of infidelity but having facts allows you to make the right decisions about your life. 

Private investigators are hired by individuals and organizations for very many different reasons. But domestic surveillance mainly involves finding out if a partner is cheating. It involves trailing the suspected spouse and gathering hard evidence to support any claims of infidelity. The suspected individual can be a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife of the client. But it’s very important to note that a Los Angeles private investigator is bound by law to maintain a high level of confidentiality and discreetness throughout the investigations. 

Should you hire a private investigator Los Angeles CA?

Many of us invest a huge part of ourselves in relationships. We put all our trust on people only to encounter the devastating and painful experience of infidelity. But finding out the truth is always important because it gives one the peace of mind to move on with life. No need to let your suspicions take away your peace of mind. And you also don’t need to feel embarrassed about talking to someone about your cheating spouse. A private investigatorcan assist you without making your private life public information. Investigators can help you to determine the integrity of your spouse and put you at ease once and for all. 

What if your spouse is faithful?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring a Los Angeles private investigator only to discover that your spouse wasn’t cheating. Having suspicious feelings about the people we love is certainly part of being human so you don’t need to beat yourself over that. At least you can now have peace of mind that your partner is faithful. By hiring a private investigator LA CA that you can rely on to provide accurate information, you don’t have to experience any more suspicions. And remember that the privateinvestigator is 100% confidential so whatever is done is just between the two of you.

Is domestic surveillance lawful?

First, you have to ensure that the private investigator LA CA you hire has been licensed by the state. Licensed private detectives operate legally because what they are basically documenting what is going on in the world of an individual. So long as they are able to stay away from breaking the law, the entire process is completely legal. Issues like trespassing are illegal and private detectives understand how to avoid this and still get the credible information you need at the end of the case.

How much should you expect to spend on a private detective?

The amount of money charged by a private detective will depend on several factors, key among them, the place where the investigations are going to take place as well as how much information you need about a spouse you suspect of infidelity. Before staring out the investigations, it’s important to discuss with the detective what your needs are as well as your budget. Private detectives in Los Angeles are usually able to customize a case to fit the client’s needs. Often you will be required topay a stipulated fee before the work begins and then pay the remaining amount when the work has been conducted. Just ensure you read and understand the contract that is presented to you by a private investigator Los Angeles CA before signing it.

The process of planning domestic surveillance

Every client has unique set of needs when it comes to domestic surveillance. It’s always important for the Los Angeles private investigator to sit down with you and plan the investigations. You are in a better position to explain your spouse’s behavior and enable the investigator to employ the most effective techniques. Having this initial discussion with your investigator is very important as it helps to build a highly effective surveillance strategy. 

How many agents will you need to hire?

The number of private detectives you need to trail down a cheating spouse will depend on several factors. If your spouse has a complicated work situation then it’s hard to conduct an effective investigation with just one detective. But remember that adding an extra detective comes with an added cost. Sometimes working with just a single investigator is ideal especially if your situation is not very complex. As soon as you meet with the investigator for the initial discussion they will recommend the number of agents you need for your case.

How detectives ensure someone is not being watched

Every client’s top concern is to ensure the tailed individual doesn’t notice that they are being watched. A good detective will know just when to stay close enough to get the information they need and how to stay far away to prevent being noticed by the subject. When you hire an experienced Los Angeles private investigator, this should be the last of your worries. Experienced investigators utilize techniques that have been proven to work for so many years. You can be assured that the evidence collected is reliable and accurate. 

If you are looking for a private investigator Los Angeles, you need to take into account certain factors that affect the credibility of the professionals you are about to hire. Most people assume that private investigative services involve trailing someone and documenting everything they do in a given day. There’s a lot that a Los Angeles private investigator is required to do when hired for the job. Whether you have contacted one to investigate a cheating spouse or perform a background check on someone, these professionals must have the skill and experience of using the latest equipment to help them in this important job.

At Paramount Investigations, you can be guaranteed that you got the best private investigators to take care of your case. Whether you are dealing with an insurance investigation or a family affair, the team of investigators are licensed and fully qualified to offer you an exceptional service. Many of the private investigative officers at Paramount Investigations have a background in the law enforcement agencies. Some of the staff is ex-policemen and women whereas many others have served in the army. Paramount is highly committed to offer the best Los Angeles private investigator.

Paramount’s investigators are trained on how to handle the latest surveillance and investigation equipment in the market. You can be guaranteed that the team will be on the lookout at all times and gather sufficient evidence to support your insurance case. Their unmatched recording techniques will certainly leave no stones unturned.

 It’s because of having been in the business for a long time that the Los Angeles private investigator has unmatched skills and abilities when it comes to gathering and recording information that serves as evidence. Their method of gathering evidence ensures that the information can be used in a court of law. Having been in the law enforcement background, our private investigators understand what it takes to collect evidence that can be presented in court. 

Paramount Investigations offers a number of services including witness identification and location. The highly trained private investigator LA will identify important witnesses in your case and even perform interviews. Paramount’s investigators have advanced interviewing techniques so you can be guaranteed that your witnesses will not run away after having been identified. The investigators are trained on how to gather photographic and videotape evidence to support a case. Whether you need a private investigator to help you deal with fraud or an insurance case, Paramount Investigative Service ons has got you covered. 

When you think of hiring a private investigator in Los Angeles, you are either going to check the background of an individual or a group of people, location or recovery of missing property, location of missing person, etc. There are lots of private investigation companies today and you have to find one that does a good job and that you can trust most especially when personal matters are involved. 

Here are 5 ways to locate a good private investigator in Los Angeles:

  1. The best way to locate a good private investigation agency is by word of the mouth. It can come in form of referral from friends, family, business associates, etc. and they are more trusted to give you good recommendations.
  2. A very good place to find good private investigation agencies is through investigator associations. They probably have websites that houses their membership directory.
  3. Try using the help of national private investigation organizations that offer to refer investigators. They usually do have a directory of recommended investigators you can use.
  4. Insurance companies also use private investigation companies as they need them to assist their work with background checks, investigation and surveillance thus, they usually have a good list of private investigator LA CA they constantly use. 
  5. Perform a search on yellow pages and the internet to check for listings of private investigators. This may not be the best way for finding a good private investigator but with little work on your part, you have good chances of hiring the right one for the job. Simply ask them for a reference and also check to see if they are a licensed firm. Thereafter, see if they have handled cases that are similar to yours in time past or as for sample reports.

Here are questions you should ask private investigator LA:

Before proceeding with your deal, you need to decide your budget and the outcome you require of your job. Get those set before you begin to discuss with your private investigator.

  1. Request for a sample report and confirm if they have previously handled similar cases to yours
  2. Ask if you would need to pay a retainer
  3. Ask yourself if you are ‘okay’ or comfortable with talking to the private investigator. Being open with one another can spring up great ideas therefore, communication matters a lot here.
  4. Ask if there are any additional costs that you may be charged for during the course of investigation.

As soon as you find a trustworthy private investigator in Los Angeles, you are guaranteed of excellent resource and output. Find out more at

If you clicked on this post, you’ve probably just made the very challenging decision to divorce your partner. It’s probably been a long, hurtful and stressful journey that’s gotten you to this place-in-time, but now that you’ve made a decision, we recommend you take one simple action before doing anything else: get an accurate asset search from a licensed private investigator Los Angeles.

Protect Your Interests in Your California Divorce with Private Investigator in Los Angeles

Having a professional asset search done for you by a Los Angeles private investigator, can uncover a far more accurate picture of you and your spouse’s fiscal situation, you’ll be able to see if there have been any assets hidden, real estate deeds, credit card accounts, or other bank accounts you may not currently know of. As you probably realize already, defining an equitable distribution of assets (or debt) is one of the most difficult tasks for any couple going through a divorce.  

If you’ve made the definite decision to go forward with divorce, get it all out there on the table and have complete closure with the whole situation. It’s better to have all the facts in plain sight then to spend days, months, or years asking “what-if”. By performing an asset search, you’ll be able to know whether your spouse has ever moved money to family members or friends in order to get rid of funds that would be subject to equitable distribution during the divorce process.

When It Comes To Fiscal Assets A Los Angeles Private Investigator Will Be Your Best Friend

Accurate asset searches are especially important if your partner was the one who had been handling most of your finances. Through years of divorce cases, we’ve learned that financial infidelity has been taking place for a long time.  Typically this is because the partner that controlled the finances often keeps assets like secret bank accounts, properties, retirement funds, and other assets unbeknownst to the other partner. A professional asset search will reveal the date that items were purchased or transferred, so that if they argue the asset is a property – purchased before the marriage – we can usually uncover the real facts.

Going through a divorce in Los Angeles or anywhere else for that matter is never easy, but knowing the truth is critical.  Getting an accurate asset search done for you will give you full clarity of the situation and peace of mind to know you’re seeing the full picture.

We comprehend this difficult time, we’re sorry that you’re going through this. The mission of Paramount Investigative Services is to provide our clients with the accurate facts, observations, and records to allow them to make informed decisions. We strive to treat everyone with the compassion and the respect they deserve during these very sensitive times.

If you need a private investigator in Los Angeles contact Paramount Investigative Services Today!

Sadly, in many cases there isn’t a lot of info available when attempting to locate someone, which can make it a time consuming, challenging, and frustrating endeavour. You may be looking for a biological relative you’ve lost touch with. Or perhaps there’s an old friend- or romantic interest – you wish to re-gain contact with. Other times, the reasons are prescient, for example needing to locate a witness or to serve legal documents. There are specific conditions when deciding to hire a private investigator Los Angeles to locate someone is the most suitable choice, since the internet can only offer as specific amount of free information.

If you’ve arrived here, the issue you’ve most likely faced, is limited information available when searching various search engines like Google, Facebook, and other social networking sites. After you have exhausted the conventional search alternatives, attempting to locate someone can get tricky – and can get quite expensive. Many of the “people finding” websites will charge you large fees and spit out information that’s old and often times incorrect, which means you’ve got to start all over again.

Need to find a witness? Why waste time with search engines online and undependable locating sites? Since locating people is a mainstay of our company, we have proprietary systems that give us access to inside-information and can filter out the accurate information from what’s old and out-dated to be able to find your witness as rapidly as possible. We can work from old house addresses or work addresses, social security numbers, and phone numbers.

Need serve a subpoena or legal documents? Are you having difficulties serving a slick and dubious person documents or a subpoena? Our Los Angeles private investigators use a mix of fact-finding services, surveillance services and “people-finder” technology to be able to get your court documents into the right hands on time.

Need additional surveillance services? Generally, our customers need an added layer of protection during Surveillance services, when seeking out spouses or other high level individuals where the client’s identity should remain private.  Other times, our customers are trying to find biological relatives, including mom, a father, or sibs. When you need to look into crimes, insurance claims, company theft child custody issues, or suspected marital infidelity, hire a professional Los Angles private investigator for your own best interest and safety.

If you’re disappointed and tired from your futile efforts to locate someone, contemplate the advantages of hiring a private investigator Los Angeles to do the work for you. It might be cheaper than you believe and the professional results are worth it. 

We wish you all the best in your hunt.

Owner of Paramount Investigative Services.  Ken Childs has operated as a Los Angeles Private Investigator since 1999. If you need to find a private investigator in LA, contact Paramount Investigative Services.  We’re confident Ken can help you find what you’re looking for.

  1. Using the service of an unlicensed Los Angeles private investigator could potentially endanger your case. To verify an investigator’s license, simply check online through a State licensing authority. Another method could be to ask the investigator or investigative agency to show you a copy of their permit(s).
  1. Be careful so as not to hire an investigator who makes exaggerated claims about their previous history or expertise; who’s flamboyant, loud, pushy, or a braggart. These kinds of investigators are simply attempting to impress the customer(s) and then “close the deal”. These kinds of investigators often have poor business ethics and questionable histories.
  1. The days of hiring Los Angeles Private Investigators that are frequently depicted in television shows are over. Disguises, car chases, fist fights, and gunplay result in great entertainment on TV or at the movies and that should be done in Hollywood; not in real business. The actual work of any professional private investigator Los Angeles includes attentively listening and clearly communicating with the client. In addition, dedication to excellent service with every investigation is guaranteed from a credible and professional Private Investigator.
  1. Pricing is significant in determining the quality of an investigator, but do not let pricing be the sole determining factor in hiring a private investigative agency or a private investigator in Los Angeles.
  1. Does the investigator have the skills and ability to manage your case? For starters, the Investigative agency or investigator should have some sort of support staff to correctly manage your case. Most investigative agencies usually have multiple workers that are certified investigators and other back office support which makes it possible for them to handle large and complicated cases.
  1. Investigative agencies or a licensed private investigator cannot make any guarantees on the results of your case.  If they do, be sure to look out for other signs of inexperience.
  1. Lastly, know just what you are paying for. Most Los Angeles private investigators have a hourly rate. Generally, other expenses such as mileage fees may also be added. Furthermore, investigative agencies will require a retainer when working with a person. 
  1. Hourly rates vary throughout California for investigators. For example in Los Angeles, prices range between $ 75.00 – $150.00 per hour for an experienced Los Angeles private investigator.  These rates are often significantly higher on the east and west coasts.
  2. Private Investigators often require a contract…….
  1. Avoid being exposed to criminal prosecution and civil liability by only working with licensed private investigators Los Angeles that abide by all the laws and regulations.

When you need the services of a private investigator in Los Angeles, how do you tell the differences between the bad and the good ones? Do not waste your time and money by blindly picking someone who may not be up to the task and end up getting you scammed. 


Get recommendations from someone you know and trust. Could be your attorney, co-worker or a friend. If they have ever hired a PI, they should share their experience with you and tell you if a particular agent is recommended. 


Perform a search on BBB website for private investigator Los Angeles or simply call your local BBB office. Make sure that the private investigator you want to hire is accredited with BBB. Even if the agent or agency does not have accreditation with BBB, you can check their ratings so as to avoid scam. 


Assuming you have some names at hand and you are not sure of their credibility, you can go for an internet search using the names you got. The search will give you reviews of the Los Angeles Private investigator you have chosen; positive and/or negative ones. If you don’t have any name at all, you can run a search for private investigators in Los Angeles. Check out the websites of private investigators that show up and decide.

Having gotten a private investigator to hire, you want to setup a telephone conversation and ensure that all your questions are answered. Also setup an initial consultation with your number 1 choice and determine if they are fit for the job.  

In order to avoid getting scammed, you need to keep these considerations checked:


How does the Los Angeles private investigator appear on their website, on phone and also in person? Also, how well do they communicate? The success of your case is at stake therefore you they need to be as credible and professional enough in handling your case.


Does the private investigator have the necessary experience needed to handle your case?  A good private investigator will be able to deliver great results and some actually are cost-effective. Some may have high rates and you still get value for the money you pay. Be careful of jobs that have strangely low prices. They may not be qualified for the job and just want your money. 


Tell your PI a brief description of your case and see if they listen to you or if they are more focused on the money. A good and credible private investigator will give you different options which are based on your goals.

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Finding a suitable private investigator in Los Angeles can help you in various circumstances. You may want someone to help you come up with evidence for a criminal case or even an insurance investigation. Many businesses have hired private investigators to help them deal with fraud. Whatever your needs are, Paramount Investigation Services are likely to fulfill them beyond your expectations. At Paramount, you can get a private investigator in Los Angeles to help you resolve an insurance case. 

Legal investigative services

If you’d like to gather sufficient evidence to support a case that is in court, Paramount Investigators can help. The highly skilled investigative officers are trained on how to interview suspects and witnesses and even gather photographic evidence to support your case. Their witness identification skills are unmatched to any other private investigator Los Angeles.

Insurance Investigations

You may also need a private investigator to help you deal with insurance fraud. Paramount has a team of highly experienced insurance investigators who can provide you with reliable record searchers as well as AOE/COE statements to support your case. The investigators are dedicated to help you track down and identify insurance fraud.

Commercial investigative services

You may need to hire a private investigator in your business in order to deal with issues like fraud and theft. The investigative officers at Paramount are ready to answer your business investigative needs. The Los Angeles private investigator is trained on how to offer security consulting and counter-intelligence services. Paramount also offers asset discovery as part of the business investigative services. You can also hire the private investigators to come and perform background checks within the business and uncover any issues that could be pulling you behind.

Personal investigative services

People hire a private investigator in Los Angeles for several reasons. There are those who are simply suspicious of a cheating spouse whereas others want to locate an adopted child or their parents. At Paramount, the investigative officers are trained to handle all manner of personal investigative cases. Whether it means trailing a spouse who is suspected of cheating or looking for records of a missing child, the private investigator has the experience to come out successful. The investigators are trained on how to gather videotape and photographic evidence to support personal cases that involve families. The investigators also utilize computer monitoring techniques to unveil evidence that could be lying around on the web. Consider all your personal investigative needs met when you hire Paramount. 

If you have decided that you need the services of a private investigator Los Angeles, it is time you dig deeper to ensure that you are not picking the wrong agency. That said, note these three important factors you need to consider when choosing a private investigator.

  1. Your confidentiality should be your top priority when choosing an agency to work with. It is important to check that the private investigator you are hiring has a solid background with a number of high quality testimonials to show for it (from the first contact to surveillance). If the previous clients that hired them were happy, there is a very good chance that you will be a happy client too. Hiring a Los Angeles private investigator could be an expensive thing to do but when a client knows the truth, it gives them peace of mind and sanity they say, is priceless. You can get a few quotes from various companies and see what each of them has to offer. You would find agencies with higher prices that will assure you of highly detailed and accurate investigation on your case. Others that seem cheaper on the other hand may not give the best results or document investigations correctly – what you need here is to check their background as aforementioned. If previous clients were happy with their job, sure you can be too.
  2. A great way to determine how legitimate a detective is, is to check whether they are licensed and insured. There are several private investigators that work part-time who do not have necessary qualifications and could result in wasting your time and money. An investigator that has superior qualifications is ready to give you top notch services. Therefore, you must find private investigator Los Angeles with license and insurance.
  3. While you pay for private investigator in Los Angeles to bring good results, you want to make sure that this investigator you are hiring listens and responds to your concerns, questions and opinions. When you e-mail or call the agency, you want to ensure that your voice is heard and that their response is received at a reasonable amount of time. It could be saddening to pay for a service only to find out that you cannot fully express how you feel and discuss the details of what you are paying for. Lastly, know that a good agency will realize the importance of customer service and will do anything to satisfy you.

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