Beverly Hills Private Investigator

Beverly Hills Private Investigator

Beverly Hills Private Investigator

If you are in search of a Beverly Hills detective agency, you need look no further than Paramount Investigative Services. Don’t let just any private investigator in Beverly Hills handle your case. As your Beverly Hills private investigator, we can provide you with the highest quality investigative services. Our team of licensed professionals come from law enforcement backgrounds and have mastered the skills required to bring your investigative actions to a completion.

Although we cannot promise that every case will end successfully or conclusively—such is the nature of investigative actions—we can guarantee that your investigator in Beverly Hills will be fully prepared and equipped to fulfill the requirements of your case. All our Beverly Hills detective agents are experienced in the arts of surveillance and witness debriefing. That is why we are one of the number choices for law offices and corporations.

Here are just some of the Beverly Hills investigative services that Paramount provides:

  • Surveillance: Do you need to have someone watched? Are you worried that one of your employees may be up to no good? Paramount Investigative Services can provide you with discreet professional surveillance services. Your Beverly Hills detective will carefully follow the person in question and detail both verbally and photographically (should this be required) all the actions of said individual. Your private investigator in Beverly Hills is a trained professional who knows how to use the techniques and technologies of surveillance in order to inconspicuously follow the person in question and monitor his or her activities.
  • Statements: Do you need witness statements for a court action? Are you mounting a case that requires multiple statements? In addition to finding your witnesses, as part of your Beverly Hills investigative services, Paramount also includes professional statement documenting. Because your Beverly Hills private investigator comes from a law enforcement background, he knows the ins-and-outs of witness debriefing and will make sure that the statement he takes is usable in a court of law.
  • Scene Documentation: Does your case involve an accident? Do you need to recreate an accident event in a court of law? As your Beverly Hills detective agency, Paramount Investigative Services can document the incident scene so that it is easier to determine the physical circumstances involved in the situation. Our Beverly Hills detective services include professional photography and scene documentation. Such documentation is invaluable should it be necessary to create an incident reenactment for a court of law.
  • Locates: Do you need to find a witness? Are you looking for suspicious activity that a currently employee may be engaging in? Your Beverly Hills detective can not only help you to find witnesses that may have gone missing, he can also track down whatever kinds of public records the individual may have left behind, from past employment records and criminal convictions, to name changes and past residences. Our locates service is a top flight intelligence gathering process that has access to thousands of databases and directories.

Put simply, Paramount Investigative is your one stop shop when it comes to your Beverly Hills detective agency needs. So if you a ready to begin finding out the truth, contact us today at (877) 456-7726

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