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Best Private Detective

Private detectives play a vital role in shaping up the face of both criminal and civil legal proceedings. Some of the duties undertaken by a private detective involve finding missing persons, assisting their clients in any fraud or negligence cases to locating assets. A private detective, in short, is entitled to solve any mystery of their clients that can involve legal as well as financial complications affecting any private, public or government body.

Best Private Detective Beverly Hills

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Los Angeles based, Paramount Investigative Services is a licensed investigator firm having a bunch of energetic and charismatic private detectives. Each highly trained detective, has several years of experience, some hailing from law enforcement backgrounds.  The highly skilled detectives also collaborate and work together as a united Paramount best private detectives team.

Paramount Investigative Services best private detectives team has proved time and again that they hold on to their virtues of integrity, dependability and persistence even while solving the most challenging of client cases.

The best private detectives of Paramount team work closely with the clients and research on every minute details of the case history. They scrutinize and interview as many people involved in the case and try to gather evidence and witnesses for the defense of the case. Paramount’s best private detectives provide an accurate and unbiased observation of facts and update information about the case to their clients regularly.

Paramount Investigative Services also include surveillance facilities that initiate the overall follow up of the subject matter, which can be any insurance case, business dealing case,  spousal cheating case or Child Custody case. Paramount best private detectives not only gather all the evidence from the crime scene but also ensure professional documentation of the evidence in a most suitable professional manner so that it can be presented in court. Paramount’s best private detectives use latest state of art tools and techniques for superior surveillance services and we use the most advanced photographic and video equipment for proper documentation of the evidence.