Auto Repossession Companies in California

Auto Repossession Companies in California

Auto repossession companies in California only scratch the surface.  When your having a hard time locating a vehicle for repossession, give us a call (877) 456-7726.  We’ll make it easy for you. We are one phone call away from getting your asset back. Simply provide us the vehicle and subject’s information, along with faxing or emailing us an affidavit for repossession. We will take care of the locating the subject and the vehicle.  If we are not able to locate the vehicle, we will begin our investigation and start looking for other avenues to recover the vehicle.

auto repossession companies in california

Auto Repossession clients;

Private clients such as auto rental agencies, small banks and private persons; we will need an affidavit of repossession and the vehicle information; copy of the vehicle license plate or the Vehicle Identification Numbers along with an “H&H” 

To all clients this is a MUST READ!

Please keep yourself abreast of your local laws and ordinances with regard to auto repossessions. We know the law and thats why we are successful at retrieving vehicles. Once we have your documentation and retainer, we’ll locate the leaser and their family and begin searching for the vehicle. Once the vehicle is located, our auto repossessor will pick up the vehicle and take it to a yard of your choice. Its that simple.

Sadly, there are times where persons are hiding the vehicle from us. Common tactics for hiding vehicles are; swapping license plates, hiding the vehicle at friends and neighbors homes and or parking the vehicle behind locked gates. When the above occurs, we recommend performing surveillance to watch them leave the residence. Once we have the vehicle in a location where we can pick it up, we will. Timing is everything and please remember that patience pays off.

Basic Rules of Repossession:

We can not enter a secured area to tow a vehicle (Unless we are given permission)
We can not touch or threaten anyone in order to “persuade” them to give us their vehicle.
We can not have law enforcement present unless the creditor has already sued the client or we are threatened.

Lastly, the law states you MUST send a special post repossession notice if you would like to seek legal remedy. If the notice is defective or inaccurate you can not collect any judgements in court or wage garnishments.

The quicker you call, the easier it will be to get the asset back.

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If you still have questions about auto repossessions visit the California department of Consumer Affairs