Asset Searches | Locate Bank Accounts | real estate

Asset Searches | locate bank accounts | real estate

Asset Searches | Locate Bank Accounts | real estate


Asset searches in California or the United States tends to get complicated.  However, we offer a few types of investigations, a basic search, and an advanced search or if you prefer an al a carte type search, we have you covered Too.

Basic asset search

Our basic asset search is done utilizing database searches from various sources. We charge an hourly rate plus any fees that we have to absorb while performing these searches. Luckily we have accounts with many data providers and public data sources to keep the costs down.

Advanced asset search

An advanced asset search all depends on what you need and how we have to gather that intelligence. Advanced asset searches require us to order documents from county records, court houses, city halls and other various locations. We have many relationships with “court runners” that allow us to keep our costs down. Usually we are able to get most court records at 125.00 per search, per location, per name and the cost of copies.

Real estate searches:

We utilize various database searches to locate the counties the subjects have lived in begin from there. We confirm properties or addresses already known and continue with real estate agents. Luckily we have relationships with real estate agents who enjoy helping us regularly.

Bank account locates and information

We can perform various bank account searches ranging from local searches covering California starting at 400.00 dollars to more in depth searches covering the United States and Canada for 1,300 dollars and up.

Vehicle ownership information

Searches performed on license plates laws vary from state to state. We can and do perform vehicle searches and run license plates; but again, keep in mind laws vary from State to state and must be reviewed before we are able to quote a price and turn around time.


We do not perform asset searches outside of the United States, Mexico and Canada as we do not trust most sources for information.  However, we do have relationships with investigators around the world who we would gladly refer you to.

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