Arcadia Private Investigator

Arcadia Private Investigator

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Arcadia Private Investigator

If  you are in search of an Arcadia private investigator to help with a legal, business or even personal matter (such investigating infidelity, for example), Paramount Investigative Services is ready to help you get to the bottom of the matter. Paramount’s experienced team of investigative professionals has the knowledge and expertise to bring your case to a successful conclusion.

Paramount provides professional and confidential services to law offices, insurance providers and private individuals. At Paramount we know that whether you hired us as your Arcadia process server or because you needed insurance surveillance to verify a client claim, we always act within the dictates of ethics and the law.

Here are just some of Paramount’s specialties:

Legal Support Services


Standard Process Service

At Paramount, we pride ourselves on our efficiency when it comes to process service. When you deliver your documents to us, you can be assured we will expedite their service, and that we will take the proper legal action to record the process service.

Witness Location/Skip Tracing

If you are dealing with an evasive witness whom you need located, Paramount can help you find their whereabouts. Paramount’s skip tracing services are second to none, employing the latest in technology, and good old fashioned investigative work to determine a witness’ most likely whereabouts and to follow up to determine if the witness is actually located at one of these locations.

Statement Recording

In addition, if you need us to take a statement from a witness to aid you in your case, Paramount’s bilingual investigators are capable of doing so in a way that is both useful and complies with legal statutes.

Insurance Investigation Support Services

Paramount is also your go-to Arcadia private investigator when it comes to insurance investigation. From surveillance to statement recording, we do it all.

Insurance Surveillance

Whether it is a traditional stakeout, or whether you need an individual followed to verify if their insurance claims are actually true, Paramount Investigative can help you advance your case. We will follow your subject throughout their day and record any behavior (such as physical activity that contradicts health claim statements) that may be useful in proving your case.

Personal Investigative Services

Paramount Investigative Services doesn’t just serve the needs of insurance companies and law offices. We also deal with personal matters, such investigating infidelity or locating lost loves. If you have a personal problem of this kind, we can help out:

Locating Lost Loves

If you want to find out what an old flame is up to these days, Paramount can help you. Our Private Investigators can use the same techniques that we use to locate suspects for law offices. Using public records we can find out whether your lost love has married or still lives in your area, and often trace them to new locations and/or discover if they have taken on new names.

Investigating Infidelity

We can also help with the other end of such matters of love and discover whether you spouse or lover has chosen to betray your trust with another.

If you are ready to find out the truth, call Paramount Investigative Services today at 877-456-7726!

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