Affordable Process server Los Angeles

Our affordable process server Los Angeles are not only affordable they are efficient and tenacious. We will get your documents served without issue. However, we are talking about a “typical serve” and not dangerous felons, persons evading service, or violent persons expecting being served with restraining orders. We have other methods for those persons.

Affordable process server Los Angeles

This is why your documents don’t get served; Uniformed Officers make horrible process servers

     Who are you going to use the Sheriffs? Please our affordable process server Los Angeles will do it correctly while the Sheriffs department will take your 35.00 dollars, make one attempt, and announce to the entire neighborhood they are serving your subject with your court documents.   Imagine this, they show up in a patrol car and in full uniform. To salt the wounds, they aren’t even Sheriffs deputies they’re civilians on patrol! So not only do they blow it for you, they could careless if your documents don’t get served. I remember being on a surveillance in Compton CA. and I observed the Sheriffs department do this first hand. The Process Server arrived at approximately 7:00 am. driving a Sheriffs patrol car. She blocked the persons driveway, then the Want a bee Sheriffs deputy, exited the vehicle in full uniform (their uniform is slightly different from actual Sheriff deputies uniforms), and then she began to shout towards the front door as the gate to the driveway was locked. (of course the gate was locked, its Compton CA.) The process server departed 5-10 minutes later without talking to a single person at the house and not one neighbor! The sad thing is the family came out about an hour later looking up and down the street for the process server. Once they knew the coast was clear, they departed for work. Now imagine what we’ll have to go through to get those documents served after all of that!

Affordable process server Los Angeles continued….

Don’t let this happen to you. Hire a street savvy affordable process server Los Angeles now and put your mind at ease. With our years of experience we know when to push it and when to refer it to our team of licensed private investigators. Together we will take it to the next level. Our licensed private investigators will perform database searches, surveillance, and with the inside knowledge from our affordable process server in Los Angeles, we’ll knock it out of the park for you.

So please, hire a street savvy affordable process server Los Angeles today. We’ll get it done right the first time.

Rush services aren’t a problem. However, our prices for rush serves are adjusted accordingly. We consider anything needing to be served within 48 hours a rush. Please allow for a budget for database searches, surveillance, and possibly a gas surcharge. This will allow us to go above and beyond for you.

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Lets get those documents served right the first time.

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